Listen to Radio from Your Browser with Radio Player Live

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Radio player live is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser which allows you to listen to radio stations from your browser. This Chrome extension to listen to radio allows you to listen to variety of radio stations. The thing that makes radio player live so good is that it gives you a lot of instructions and help, so that you can setup the extension. This extension also gives you a lot of choice for customization.

Interface of this Chrome extension to listen to radio stations:

The interface is very small but it does give you a lot of information. It tells you what version of the extension you currently have, it gives a list of radio station and a description of that station for example ‘Dance Breakbeats’, a play and pause button, a volume slider, a speaker button which takes you to a website, it tells you whether you are ‘idle’ or ‘playing’ and it has an option button that takes you to the extensions options. Below is a screenshot of the interface of this listen to radio station extension.

listen to radio radioplayer_interface

Extension Options and Settings

There are five main settings for this extension. I will list them and then talk about each one.

  • General
  • Appearance
  • Manage my station
  • Add radio stations
  • About

General settings deals with notifications, media players, startup options and data options. Look at the screenshot below of these settings.

listen to radio radioplayer_general

Appearance Deals with a lot of settings and options. These are all colour options, which is a good idea for a radio player as you get to customize it to how you want it. Look at the screenshot below of what the appearance settings and options look like.

listen to radio radioplayer_appearance

The manage my stations options allows you to filter through your stations if you have a lot. This is a good feature because if you had a lot of radio station then it would take some item to find the one you want to edit or delete. There is an edit button which allows you to edit the information of the radio station, also delete button deletes that station form the radio player and there is a heart which you can click to show it’s your favourite radio station. The screenshots of these options and settings are shown below.

listen to radio radioplayer_manage_station

listen to radio radioplayer_edit

Add radio stations, is a detailed guide of how to add a radio station to radio player live. The screenshot of this is shown below.

listen to radio radioplayer_add_radio_stations

The about section tells you what version of radio player live you have. It also gives you the release notes for the current version and previous versions. The screenshot of this is shown below.

listen to radio radioplayer_aboutOverall

Overall radio player live is an unique and easy to use extension and radio player. Install this Radio Player Live Google Chrome extension to listen to radio stations.

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