5 Free Services to Create Own Internet Radio Station

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Here are 5 free services to create own radio station. You can use these services to quickly setup your internet radio station, and broadcast online.

Internet Radio


BlogTalkRadio is unique and free software that allows anyone using internet and anywhere the ability to host a live, Internet Talk Radio show, simply by using a telephone and a computer. You need not download any software, just sign in for free account and start your own radio show. This app is equipped with easy to use functions and features and anyone can start their own radio show with all the advanced functionality of the Radio services.

This freeware comes with advanced technology and seamless integration with all the popular and leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which gives the users ability to broadcast their show on air and reach to general public for attaining popularity for their station. You can use this freeware to create and share your original content, your voices, and opinions in a public worldwide forum. The application is completely free and web based, thus you need very basic things to start your own radio show. You will need internet connection and microphone for hosting your live show.

With this free application, you can host live radio show whereby you can enjoy live chats with your listeners and help them to share their views with other many listeners. Using this freeware is extremely easy and fast, as you will not need to download any software, just an easy sign up and you are ready to host your own radio show. The app is designed to support multiple participants; however, in this free edition you can receive up to five simultaneous guests/ listeners on your show. In addition, this package comes with promotional tools like flash player of your Radio show and buttons that you can add to any blog or web site for promoting your show.


UBroadCast is another free application that helps you to start your own independent live internet radio show, which is owned completely by you and will broadcast the contents purely penned by you. This free application is a complete internet radio broadcasting platform for the internet users where by you can host a show on TV and radio, which enables anyone to quickly and easily broadcast on demand channel to a global and interactive audience via the Internet. You can reach to millions by using this platform and reach your prospective listeners. The application comes with simple and easy to use broadcasting tools and techniques so that anyone can produce a high quality interactive broadcasting channel on ubroadcast.com.

When you have created a show for your radio station, you can spread word about your interactive stations via promotional tools that this freeware provides. Reach to the mass by using ubroadcast player that can be embedded and shared on other websites, blogs, and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, with help of which, everyone on the internet may know about your show. This free ware is a web based live video broadcasting platform thus you need not download any software or plugins, just sign up for free account and you are done. To start broadcasting, you simply need to sign up for an account, and launch this web based application.

In order to start broadcasting your show you will need basic equipments like a camera, microphone, and a broadband Internet connection. You can use this very easily available and built in web cam and headset to start a show. You will not need expensive hardware and software for your own radio show. Thus, this handy application is just apt for all novice users who want to own their live radio shows but do not posses any special knowledge about set up.


Peercast was designed with the aim so that you make use of this simple and reliable software client that enables anyone to broadcast streaming media on the Internet without the need for expensive servers or bandwidth. You can start with your own radio show, which offers considerable savings for broadcasters because you do not have to provide bandwidth for all of their listeners. A single 56K modem can be used to broadcast a radio station to the entire network.

This software is extremely handy and packed with all the features that you might want to have in your radio station. The freeware can also serve streams directly to any media player. This means that it can be used in place of a Shoutcast/Icecast server to provide both direct and P2P streaming at the same time. This P2P sharing client is much more like any file sharing client service, but it does not downloads any file but it exchanges files with other online streaming users. Thus you can share your stream with any user online, without storing any data locally on any machine connected to the network.

Interestingly, this application will only provide you a radio show in streams that your users are ready to listen without installing any software to their PC. Hence, your users will be able to enjoy your show without any additional download. The program code in the freeware has the skill to serve web pages to normal browsers such as Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Therefore, that people on your LAN can search for and listen to channels without having to install the client software on their PC. Thus, the offices and organization can download one client to their system and all the computers connected with the LAN can enjoy the radio online without any downloads.


Spreaker is free application that helps you to go on air by hosting your radio show over internet. This free online radio show platform is useful to all the users who are fond of music and creating episodes that might liked by the mass. With this free application, you can enjoy the on going stations in the web site or create your own independent show that can be listened by all the users in the internet. The application is just simple and does not require any downloads. Sign up for the free account and start using the features that are offered by this freeware.

The application is just suitable for the users fond of music and sharing their music library. For sign up is very simple, the application will not ask you about details, just your name and email address would be enough. When you have sign up for an account than you will be provided with the DJ console, which are fully feature packed and helps you to record and mix songs. This freeware provides you with a user- friendly console to manage voice, special effects, and your music library. So, that you can create attractive and effective episodes for your listener and retain them as your follower.

Every listener with this application will be provided with the feature to follow your show, that whenever you have a notification for your listeners, this freeware will send it all to your listeners. You can easily create episodes over this user friendly application, as you can create on air episodes or just record your episodes and publish them later. You can add your views and conversation over this online radio just by using your microphone, no need for any additional expensive hardware. Also, invite your friends to follow your show, share your episodes on facebook, and tag, and categorize your episodes for easy navigation.

Read more about Spreaker.

Streamer P2P

Streamer P2P is free application that provides you easiest way to connect with your listeners online, with your own radio show. This freeware offers you the simplest way to broadcast show over online radio. You just have to play some audio files in Winamp, and use a ‘dsp plugin’ to make the broadcast data stream and feed it into streamer. You can create your own small station with this handy tool that too without spending huge budgets. This application is completely web based and free to use. You need not spend on any hardware and expensive software for your radio station.

For using this free ware, just download and install the DSP plugin. This plugin is provided in the exe pack of the application, run this on your PC and than you will able to broadcast your playlist over internet using this freeware. The application has a in built chat system, so that your listeners will be able to chat with you live when you are in your station. You can exchange your views or you can play the songs demanded by them. It uses a gnutella-like mesh to distribute the messages. It also has an embedded web site for each station, which streams alongside the audio. This can contain most html tags, images, banners, links etc. Add playlists, a web cam, ad banners, and many more.

Interestingly, you can add image or graphic URL in your station, which is attractive to your listeners, and they can identify you easily without much effort. The image appears besides your listing in the broadcasters list of the web site and your listeners will be able to listen to your episodes right there. There is also a DJ chat panel, which you can open for the currently tuned station. This button will only be accessible if you are the broadcaster of this station or listening to this station.

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