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InboxQ is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to answer questions that are being asked on Twitter. The questions that you will get in your stream will be based on the interests you put into the extension. This extension to answer questions on Twitter, allows you to share someone’s question, answer a question, add a question to a To-do list or to view the askers profile.

Answer Questions on Twitter extension Interface:

There are five parts to the interface, as listed below.

  • Questions
  • To-do
  • Campaigns
  • Answers
  • Settings

The questions section is where you will get your main stream. This is where all the answers will be that you can answer, the questions will also be based on the keywords you have put into the campaigns section. The screenshot below shows what the questions section looks like.


The To-do section is where you can find all the questions that you have chosen to put in your To-do list. When you are looking in your questions stream, you can click on a tweet and select a ‘To-do’ button. This is the section where all these questions will be saved. Below is a screenshot of the To-do section.


Campaigns are what your interests are. For example if you were to make a campaign and put in the keywords ‘Android’ any question being asked about Android on twitter would appear in your stream. You can do three things with campaigns. The first thing is to delete one. The second is to edit them by name or keywords. The last thing you can do is look at the statistics for that campaign. Statistics show you how many questions have been asked for that campaign, how many questions you have answered for that campaign and how many followers you have gained from it. Below I will post screenshots of the campaign section and its other options.

Below is a screenshot of the campaign section.


Below is a screenshot of the options available when you choose to edit a campaign.


Below is a screenshot of the statistics for a campaign.


The answers section will show you any questions that you have answered. Below I will post a screenshot of this section.


The final section is the settings section. The settings are really just where you can manage what Twitter accounts are connected to InboxQ. You also have the option to remove any Twitter accounts connected to the InboxQ extension.



This is an extremely useful Google Chrome extension to answer questions on Twitter, as it allows you to answer questions that you are interested in. This is a really good way of being able to target and connect with people on Twitter that are interested in the same things as you. From a business perspective it can be a useful tool to answer questions about your business and to support people who use your products or services.


InboxQ is a really unique and easy to use extension to answer questions on Twitter. It’s very good if you want to connect with more people on Twitter with the same interests as you.

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