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Picturenaut is basically a free image editor which gives you advanced features like HRD editing and tone mapping. Apart from the usual features free image editing software has, it gives you a wide range of other exciting features to edit images for free.

The interface of this free advanced image editor is well designed with a toolbar having buttons, pan and zoom controls and exposure control in the status bar. You can easily generate HDRI by using the cool features in the Picturenaut free image editing tool like image alignment, color balancing, exposure correction, ghost removal, RAW support and many more. It generates high quality HDR imaging.

Tone mapping is one of the many exciting and cool features of this free advanced image editor which has inbuilt operators like bilateral, exposure, adaptive, logarithmic and photoreceptor physiology.

Examples of another free advanced image editor you could use are SumoPaint, FotoFlexer and Chaysys Draw IES.

Lets look at all the features of Picturenaut :

  • Picturenaut can create HDRI’s from multiple exposures
  • The free image editor is able to read EXIF metadata and ICC profiles from the images and edits the shutter speed, aperture and EV offset
  • It is compatible with HDRshop and integrates well with its plug ins allowing you to edit images for free
  • It does tonemapping very fast
  • It is able to reuse the camera curve for gamma adjustment of a tonemapped LDR result
  • The free advanced image editor offers 7 different interpolation options for resizing HDR’s like bell, triangle, hermite, mitchell and many more
  • The LDR formats that it supports are -TIFF, JPEG, TGA, RAW
  • The HDR formats that it supports are – TIFF float, OpenEXR, PFM, Radiance RGBE
  • The free image editing software supports UNICODE, SSE/SSE 2
  • It displays gamma and exposure
  • Picturenaut supports plug ins

This free image editing tool has a wide range of exciting features that you would love to work with and it comes completely free of cost. Other free image editing software that isn’t quite as advanced and is suitable for the novice includes ThePicLab and Splashup.

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