Chasys Draw IES – Free Image Editor, Viewer, and Converter

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Chasys Draw IES is a free image application suite that includes a free image editor with animation, vista style icon supporter, super resolution with image stacking, free image file converter, camera processor and a free image viewer.

There are a lot of tools in Chasys Draw IES Artist that you can work with. You can move the layers around with the ‘Hand’ tool or draw thin lines using a ‘Pencil’ or a ‘Line’. You can draw smooth curves or form lines of your favorite color or smooth/ sharpen any area. The free image editor has a wide range of other tools as well like Magic wand, Spray gun, Border full, Color picker, Texturizer, Razor, Rectangular/ Elliptical selection and many more amazing tools that you would love.

You can even Flip, Rotate, Stretch, make tiles or use a Kaleidoscope. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, levels and gamma, hue, saturation, lightness or invert color and many more things in the free image editor within Chasys Draw IES. There are some Blending modes like Alpha blend, additive, subtractive, multiply, overlay, hue, chroma, luma, screen and mask.

The free image editor included in Chasys Draw IES has a wide range of effects as well like Dynamic contrast, replace color, duo tone, posterize, pixelate, red eye reduction, color play reduction, oilify, reduction, edge detect, swirl and pinch, tile maker, drop shadow, create halo and many more exciting effects are there.

Chasys Draw IES isn’t as in-depth as some of the more comprehensive free image editors like GIMP and Paint.NET, but it is of a similar calibre to Fly Free Photo Editing And Viewer and, as a free image application suite, it includes a series of other tools.


  • Free image editor with a super fast graphics engine
  • It includes free style layering with blending mode
  • It has multi resolution image modes and re-editable tools and texts
  • It has alpha protection and multi core aware software architecture
  • It has a multiple display setup aware and vista aware
  • You can capture videos from other devices and it also has a video sequence composer engine
  • It  has inbuilt utilities like calculator and  notepad
  • It has an auto save engine and advanced printing and scanning engines
  • You can undo/ redo at any time
  • It supports old formats like PPM/ PGM/ PBM, PCX, TGA
  • It supports plug ins and photoshop filter plug ins
  • It has the latest CD5 specification and vista style icon export and import
  • It supports plug ins for JPEG-2000, AVI video, animated cursors and many more
  • It has the ability to output C++ code
  • It has streamlined SDK’s  without any restrictions


  • The free file converter supports duo/ multiple core processor accelaration
  • It jas the ability to convert animation and transfer metadata
  • It has vista UAC aware and super fast graphics engine


  • It has a high speed loader and supports plug ins
  • It has a vista UAC aware and super fast graphics engine
  • It has a touch friendly UI with zoom and rotate feature
  • The free image viewer supports animation and animation rotation


  • This is based on dcraw and has an artist like interface
  • You can adjust the curves and gains
  • It has a 48 bit workspace engine and vista UAC aware

For more advanced photo editing features, you can check out our list of best free photo editors.

This program is an all in one free image application suite that combines many applications and is a must have application. It is completely free of cost.

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Works With: Windows
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