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Adonis community edition is a free BPM software. This free Business process modeling software lets you model business processes easily, and even add simulation to them. Most of the BPM software are quite expensive, but Adonis community edition is completely free for both personal as well as commercial uses.

Before we go further, let’s understand what is a BPM software. As per Wikipedia, BPM is:

..the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed and improved. BPM is typically performed by business analysts and managers who are seeking to improve process efficiency and quality. The process improvements identified by BPM may or may not require Information Technology involvement…

As I mentioned earlier, most of the Business process modeling software are quite expensive. I personally use Oracle’s BPEL tools; and even though they are quite good, but they are hugely expensive. If you are a small enterprise, going with such expensive BPM tools might not be the best use of money. In that case, freeware BPM tools like Adonis Community Edition come handy.

Adonis Community Edition is the free version of Adonis BPM tools. It does not have any time limitation.

Adonis Community Edition

Here are some of the features of Adonis Community Edition:


You can model all your organizational processes with this free Business process modeling software. Adonis community edition lets you model your entire organization. You can model processes, products, resources, and see how they interrelate. Adonis community edition is quite easy in terms of use, which makes it quite easy for even new BPM modelers to quickly start modeling. Models created with Adonis community edition can be saved as HTML, or even embedded in Word documents and presentations.

Analyze Models

Modeling processes is a starting point. The value comes when you start analyzing those models to find process bottlenecks or other inefficiencies in the system. Adonis community edition is quite good in that. It comes with lot of pre-configured reports that let you extract information from models easily. For example, you can see all processes that a CRM application uses, or all processes that cost more than a particular dollar amount. This lets you quickly zero down on those areas that need most attention. Adonis community edition also lets you create your own ad hoc reports to derive information from the models.

Simulate Models

One of the piece that is missing is most of the freeware BPM tools is simulation. However, Adonis community edition has gone a step further, and has provided simulation option also in this free BPM software. Some of the simulation things that you can do with Adonis community edition simulation component are:

  • Find costs for processes
  • Find staff requirements
  • Find bottlenecks, and other inefficiences.

Here is a personal tip: Sometimes people tend to go overboard with simulation. Do remember that adding simulation to your models is quite a tedious tasks, and correctness of simulation rests with correctness of input provided. If the process in question is quite a simple and low impact process, spending time on simulating it might not be worth the effort.

Share BPM models

Adonis community edition makes it quite simple to publish your models in different format. You can easily publish any document in HTML format. Adonis community edition also makes it quite easy to print your models in Word format by providing some formatting options.

Also check out ARIS Express, and DiagramDesigner.

All in all, Adonis community edition is a full featured BPM software, and is completely free. To install this free BPM software, you just need to download Adonis community edition. This will download the zip file that has modeling tool, and also a database. Adonis community edition stores all the model data in SQL Server free edition. You start with installing the SQL server free edition (that comes with Adonis download), and then install the Adonis community edition. After that, you can start creating advanced and professional looking BPM models for free.

Download Adonis community edition free.

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