Windows 10 Adventure Mystery Game: Castle Secrets

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Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects Free is a free adventure mystery game app for Windows 10 devices. In the game, you have to defend the castle from evil minions who are hell bent upon wreaking havoc on your castle, all while completing hidden object levels. The hidden object levels are fairly the standard deal, where you need to locate items on your screen which are hidden away in plain sight. You also get certain tools to help you out while locating the objects.

Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects Free is available from the Windows 10 App Store for free.Castle Secrets Hidden Objects arrow indicator

Gameplay of Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects for Windows 10

When you run the game on your Windows 10 device, you will be presented with the main menu, which is followed by a guided tutorial which you can choose to skip. The game has great graphics and the UI design elements are crisp. The gameplay offered is smooth and overall the game offers a pretty immersive experience.

  • Graphics: The graphics are sharp and look great. (10/10)
  • Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty smooth too. I did not observe any noticeable lag, however there is still scope for improvement as I have seen more immersive gameplay experience in other hidden object games. (9/10)
  • Sound Scheme: The sound scheme of the game is pretty good as well. Needless to say, these type of games rely heavily on the sound scheme to build up the atmosphere of the gameplay, and this game builds it up successfully. The only minor qualm that I have with the sound scheme is that it does not play back in a perfect loop and sometimes stops playing back altogether when you are playing the game for a long duration.(9/10)
  • Overall – 9/10

My Opinion of Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects for Windows 10

To skip the long story short, let me just go ahead and give you the verdict first. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone who wants to try out a game where you want to play in an environment which is adrenaline pumping, and overall pretty exciting to say the least. The game has almost everything on store for everyone who is looking forward to have fun while waking up the inner detective in you.

The target audience of this game is everyone from ages 12 and up, and I say this because young kids may not enjoy playing this game as it’s a slow paced game, which requires you to pay close attention to details. If you like adventure games which are slow paced, this is the game for you.

Controls of the game

Touch devices

  • Pinch: Zoom
  • Tap: Select/Interact with objects.

Non Touch devices

  • Double Click: Zoom
  • Click: Interact with objectsCastle Secrets Hidden Objects Free controls

Main features of Castle Secrets

When you run the game, you will be presented with the below screen.Castle Secrets Hidden Objects Free main screen

In the above screen, you are detailed about the details of the game and its story line. The butler of the castle assists you in doing so. You can click on OK to get to the next dialog or you can click on the SKIP button to skip the entire dialog altogether. Upon skipping the dialog, you are taken to a guided tutorial of the game where everything is pointed via Blue arrows. In the screenshot below you can see the map of the castle with a Blue pointer pointing at it.

Castle Secrets Hidden Objects arrow indicatorUpon clicking on the castle, you will be taken to the gameplay map where you can choose the level to play. When you click on a level, you are shown a prompt like the one shown below.Castle Secrets Hidden Objects Free choose levelIn the above screen you can see the various energy requirements of the level. You may click the Enter button to start the level. The gameplay then follows. The gameplay screen shows you the silhouettes of the objects that need to be located on the right side of the screen, and it also shows you the hint options at the bottom of the screen. If you get stuck somewhere, you can always use one of the hints which point at the object like shown below.Castle Secrets Hidden Objects Free hintsUpon finding all the objects, the level is deemed to be completed and you will be shown your gameplay stats like so.Castle Secrets Hidden Objects Free level stats

This winds up the main features of Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects Free for Windows 10 devices.

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The final word

Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects Free is a great game for Windows 10 devices. I would rate this game a 4.5/5 for its overall feel. Reading through our review, if you felt that this game is the one for you, you can grab it for free by heading over to the link below!

Get Castle Secrets: Hidden Objects Free.

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