5 Hard Disk Speed Tester Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 hard disk speed tester software for Windows 10 which you can use to test hard disk performance, read and write speed to be more precise, using your Windows 10 powered PC. Windows 10 comes out soon and checking out hardware performance is probably one of the first things tech oriented people are going to be doing.

Following applications can help you do that and more.

My HDD Speed

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My HDD Speed comes with several different functions and it’s the simplest yet the most functional hard disk speed tester software for Windows 10 that I’ve tried. Its main functionality is that of a desktop widget which reports back real time hard disk read/write speed.

But if you click on the hard drive letter in the top left corner, additional options will appear down below with the help of which hard disk read/write tests can be performed. You will need to have at least 1GB of space free on the hard drive, because that’s how much data is written during tests.

Get My HDD Speed.


hard disk speed tester software windows 10 2

CrystalDiskInfo is a more professional hard disk speed tester software that you probably seen mentioned in SSD hard disk reviews. Both installable and portable versions are available.

Test can write files of varying sizes, up to 1GB in size (bigger file size takes longer but is more precise). Application tests both sequential and random read/write speeds.

Get CrystalDiskInfo.

Also, have a look at Freeware to Measure Read, Write Speed of Drives: Parkdale.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

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ATTO Disk Benchmark performs read and write speed tests using test files of different sizes. You can set up max file size that you want to use.

Each one of those lines on the image above is a test with a file of different size. I went up to 80MB in file size during testing. Results can be exported as benchmark files (.BMK) or printed straight to the printer.

Get ATTO Disk Benchmark.

HD Tune

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HD Tune is much more than just a hard disk speed tester software. It can also be used to check hard drive health, temperatures and collect various different info about the hard disk features.

Benchmark tab is where you’ll be testing the hard drive speed. Select the drive letter and hit Start for to initiate the test. There’s a graph that helps you better visualize the hard disk performance. Use the “Info”, “Health” and “Error Scan” tabs for more info about your hard drive.

Get HD Tune.

Also, have a look at Measure Your Hard Disk Data Transfer Rates: HD_Speed.

Disk Throughput Tester

hard disk speed tester software windows 10 5

Disk Throughput Tester is a very simple and a portable at that hard disk speed tester, that doesn’t require installation of any kind in order to test hard disk performance.

Simply run the executable and the application works right away. Select the size of the test file, and location where it’s going to be written and click the “Run” button to start the test. Results are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Get Disk Throughput Tester.


All 5 hard disk speed tester applications from the list above worked great. I like Disk Throughput Tester because it’s portable and easy to use. HD Tune gives a lot of useful info, it doesn’t just stop at HD performance. Let me know which application you liked the most in comments down below.

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