Free Online File Storage With 1 TB Space To Automatically Sync Files

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Yunio is a free online file storage service that provides 1 TB free space that will keep growing with 1 GB limit per day, if you will login to your Yunio account once in a day. You can store your files on this cloud storage service, can sync files with PC, and can share files with friends. You can batch upload files and maximum size limit for a single file to upload is 5 GB. Yunio has advantage over other similar cloud storage services, like 4shared, MediaFire, DropBox, BinFire, etc. The 1 TB free storage limit is outrageous which continuously grows with 1 GB per day, facility to create 10 different sync folders, 5 different shared folders can be created, and maximum 20 members can join shared folders.

Yunio- free online file storage with 1 TB space

Like similar data backup and syncing software, you need to install a desktop client for Yunio using which you can create online backups, sync files, can create & access shared folders. Above screenshot shows its desktop client (at left part) and web interface at right part, which are quite similar to use.

Note: Pro version of Yunio provides more handy features, like 5 TB space that grows with 5 GB limit per day, 15 GB limit to upload a single file, 20 shared folders for a single device, 20 number of synced folders, and much more. Whenever you want, you can upgrade or can continue with this free version.

How To Use This Free Online File Storage Service?

First download its desktop client using the link present at the end of this article. Its desktop client is 11.2 MB in size so it won’t take much time to download. Install it to your PC by following simple installation steps. After installing it, it will start running on your system tray and its interface will open in front of you. Now the very first thing you have to do is create an account with Yunio to avail benefits of this cloud storage service.

Yunio- register by creating an account

After registering yourself, you can open its interface, and you will receive 1 TB free storage space plus 1 GB extra storage to keep your files and folders. This 1 GB storage space will be given to you per day. The only thing you need to do is just login once per day to receive 1 GB space.

Yunio- free 1 TB plus 1 GB storage space

After this, you can upload files or folders to your Yunio account and all added files will be available on My Files option (same option will be available on its web interface to access files). It also supports drag n drop facility to upload multiple files. But the disappointing part is that uploading speed is very very slow. Even if you have a high-speed Internet connection, it takes lot of time to upload files, like songs, video files etc. So if uploading speed will be too slow in your case, then you have to compromise. However, for adding images, it shows good results.

Yunio- upload files and folders to your account

Apart from My files option, there are other options also available. These are:

  • Synced folder: Using this option, you will be able to create a new sync folder that you can sync with a local folder available on your PC. After this, both local folder and created folders will remain synchronized to keep files of both folders updated. You can create 10 different sync folders.

Yunio- create a sync folder

  •  Shared folder: This option allows you to create a folder that you can share with friends, colleagues who have also created an account with Yunio. Once you have created a folder, you will get an invitation link that you can give to your friends so that they can join your shared folder. One unique thing about this Shared folder option is that you can add people to block list as well, in order to keep unwanted people away from accessing that folder.

Yunio- create and share a folder

To share your folder with friend(s), you need to email the invitation link using your email id. There is no direct way to share folder. Receiver will get an email with link to join folder. Once the receiver has applied to join your folder, you will receive a notification to confirm the approval.

Yunio- share folder

  • Notification center: Any messages, like your friend applied to join your share folder, will be available in notification center.

Key Features Present In This Free Online File Storage Service are:

  • Very handy cloud storage service that provides 1 TB free storage space that grows with 1 GB per day.
  • You can create 10 different synced folders that you can sync with local folders available on your PC.
  • You can share folders with people to share files and folders. Total number of shared folders could be 5 with free registration.
  • It is quite useful cloud storage service using which all your important files and folders will be available for you using its web interface.

Yunio- web interface

  •  You can minimize its desktop interface to system tray to run it silently. And whenever an activity will happen, it will provide you notifications.
  • It also lets you view recently synced files direct from its tray icon. You need to right-click on its tray icon to access options.

Yunio- tray icon


Yunio is quite handy cloud storage service. Its 1 TB storage space that grows continuously with 1 GB per day limit in free account is unbeatable till now. However, uploading speed is a major issue with this free online file storage service. Overall, it is really worthy cloud storage service and you should try it out.

Get Yunio desktop client free.

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