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Zoolz is a unique cloud storage service that provides 100 GBs of free cloud storage space for its first 1 million users. It’s built entirely upon Amazon’s AWS architecture, on top of Amazon Glacier that provides an affordable, secure, and reliable storage space for data backup and archiving. Zoolz implements a cold storage technology, which provides quality backup without uploading limitations and with full security measures to protect your data on the cloud.

Zoolz is extremely simple and easy-to-use cloud storage service. It lets you backup all your files and documents online from your local drives, external drives, or network drives. It securely encrypts all your data for safekeeping and can backup upto 2 computers under one account. And this is not it, Zoolz have a never ending list of features. But before we move on to more details on Zoolz, lets have a quick look on how you can start using Zoolz.

zoolz interface

Getting Started with Zoolz:

Zoolz is currently available for US/Canada, UK, and European Union. However, the service is adding more countries soon. Due to the mass demand, the service is filling reservations on first-come-first basis. So you will need to register for your spot using a valid email address. This can be done by vising the download page whose link is given at the end of this article.

Once your turn arrives, you will get a download link of the service setup on your mail using which you can download Zoolz client software on your system. After that you install the app, you can sign up for a free cloud account and start using Zoolz hassle-free.

Backup and Archive data on the Cloud with Zoolz:

Zoolz comes with a nice and clean interface which reminds us of Microsoft SkyDrive‘s Grid layout. However, the app has some really nice and powerful features that makes it stand apart from the crowd of more established cloud storage services in the market.

Zoolz works on a unique approach of “cold storage” for safe-keeping your data. This lets you upload unlimited data from your system to your cloud account, some of which will be immediately available and some remains “cold”. The cold files can be accessed by sending a request to the server which will send you a link after 3-5 hours using which you can download files to your system.

zools data selection

Thus, you can easily take a backup of your whole system on this cloud account and use it whenever you face a system crash. Zoolz allows you to upload any file stored on your local drive, external drive, or network drive directly to your cloud account, without having to copy them to a particular folder. Plus, it provides 3-level encryption to ensure full security of your data. Thus Zoolz is an extremely simple and easy backup option to rely upon.

zoolz file backup

Security Measures provided by Zoolz:

Zoolz stand no less when it comes to safekeeping your data online. Infact, it provides a 3-level data encryption to ensure proper safety of your data. Zoolz protects your data with 256-AES encryption before it leaves your network, 256-SSL encryption during file transfer, and 256-AES encryption while the data rests.

zoolz file protection

Moreover, it gives you full control over the data privacy by letting you choose your own encryption keys, so that not even Zoolz staff can see any of your files or folders.

It further protects every file and folder that you share over the web using custom passwords and gives confirmation mails on request once the file reaches the desired recipient.

Storage Plans offered by Zoolz:

Zoolz is offering 100 GBs of free cloud storage for its first 1,000,000 users, with following upgradable plans:

  • 100 GB Premium for $1.66 per month (yearly plan).
  • 500 GB Premium for $10 per month.
  • 1 TB Premium for $20 per month.
  • 2 TB Premium for $35 per month.

There’s lot more to tell about this free cloud storage service, but since this will make the article more lengthy, let me summarize them as key points for your quick reference.

Key Features of this Free Cloud Storage Service:

  • Free cloud storage service.
  • Built on top of Amazon Glacier storage infrastructure, which makes it highly reliable and cost-effective.
  • Unlimited upload and backup of files from internal drive, external drive, or network drives.
  • No limitation on file size.
  • Store all your photos, video, and thousands of other documents online.
  • Can store multiple versions of the files.
  • Can also backup multiple computers and lets you easily switch between each of them.
  • Provides four different performance modes: Turbo, Smart, Battery Saving, and Presentation; each with different system resources specifications.
  • Offers 3-level data encryption.
  • Automatically monitor file changes and provides continuous backup as you update files.
  • One-click sharing of files and folders.
  • Protect shared files with passwords.
  • Access files from any device.
  • Unshare links to files and folders.
  • Instant search of files and documents.
  • Advanced file filtering options: filter by size, type, date, and expression.
  • File recovery options.
  • Backup photos and generates nice-looking previews for all your camera photos.
  • Automatically detects when the USB drive is disconnected or network failure occurred and resumes the broken backups once the drive or network is reconnected.
  • Allow user control over setting backup schedules, upload speed limit, and more.zoolz settings
  • Windows explorer integration.
  • Easily restore files; although there’s a 3-5 hours delay in file restoration.
  • 24/7 telephone customer support.
  • Advanced reporting about your backups.
  • Also available as mobile app for both android and iOS devices.
  • Lightweight client software; just 4.20 MB in size.

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The Final Verdict:

Zoolz is an amazing free cloud storage service for business as well as personal use. It’s a feature rich app that takes the concept of cloud storage to new heights by providing ideal online file backup and archiving solutions. Plus, it ensures proper data security and easy file sharing.

Zoolz 100 GB free space is a lifetime offer and is available absolutely free of cost for the first 1 million users! So hurry, go get your 100 GB free cloud storage space now.

Get Zoolz here!

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