Free MP3 Player with A Second Player To Play Two Songs Together

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Aero Playlist player is a simple mp3 player that can play audio files, but no video files. You can always save the playlist of the current songs that you are playing, and then reload it whenever you want. The software has two players to play two songs at one time, one on the main player and another on the secondary player called “Jingle Player”.

The developers tried to make this software exclusive by adding this feature of secondary player to this free mp3 player, to play two songs at the same time. But seems to me as this attempt didn’t work as it should and they may have ended up adding a not so relevant to the purpose feature (continue reading the article and you will understand why I am disappointed). Besides that, the software is sized reasonably, just under 1 MB. There is a playlist saving and random song playing option.

Aero player primary and secondary player

So, the highlights of the software would be: the two simultaneous decks for playing two songs at a time, Random song playing option, Save the playlist and reload it later, and of course the small size of the software. These four features of this software may be the only USP to attract the users but may not be sufficient to impress them. I will also discuss about the features of later on, but for now let’s just listen some songs on Aero Playlist Player : )

How To Use Aero Playlist Player

Step 1: Unzip the file and open the application file and follow the installation steps. Open the player and start adding the songs to the playlist, or you can simply drag and drop the song to the playlist.

Step 2: The songs that you added will be played on the left deck; for adding the song on the right deck that says “jingle player” you will have to click on the “add” option provided there. You can learn more about the features of the “Jingle” player later in this article.

Jingle Player song adding Option

Note: The “Volume” and the “Mute” option provided in the screenshot above is for the main player.

Step 3: Hit the play button of the main player to start playing the song of the playlist. Hit the play button of the “Jingle” player and the song added on it will start playing. Thus you can play the two songs simply in one time.

Aero Player two songs played at the same time

Step 4: Click on the save option sandwiched between and save the playlist.

Thus you can enjoy your songs easily on this player by following the above steps.

Main Features of the Software:

  • Secondary Deck: The interesting part of the freeware is that, it comes with a secondary deck named as “Jingle player’”. Now the good thing is that you can play songs in both the deck simultaneously. But seems that it has been designed with just one motive and that is non stop music playing. This is an interesting feature but the “Jingle player” did manage me to annoy because of the following reasons:
    • No volume changing option: You cannot change volume of the song in Jingle Player. There is no volume changing option. The only volume change option is for main player.
    • Only one song can be added at a time: You cannot add more than one song to the Jingle player; so, it cannot have its own separate playlist.
    • Default volume lower than the main deck: The song on this deck will be played at the volume that is set by default which is lower than the main player.
    • No next or previous song playing option: The secondary deck does not have the options like skipping on to the next song or playing the previous song.

    From the above four highlights of the secondary player it seems to me that the only purpose of this player is to play the song between time that one song ends and the other song starts or to listen to the demo of the song to decide whether or not you want to add the song into your playlist.

  • Save the playlist: The freeware comes with the option to save the playlist of the current songs be played. You can reload the playlist later.
  • Small Size: The download size of the software is very small just under 1 MB. This is not the only small sized player out there.
  • Random Song Playing: The software also provide the option for the songs in the playlist to be played randomly.

Drawbacks of the Software

The biggest drawback of this software for me is that it does not play the video files, but again keeping in mind the small size of the software that drawback can be overlooked.

One more disappointment for me was that the secondary player lacked in feature. To quote the homepage of this software it says “ You can be the DJ with endless audio playlists”. As a DJ myself, I beg to differ with that. They could have added more features to this secondary “Jingle” player if they wanted it to serve the purpose right. I would rather prefer other DJ software.

My Verdict

Yes! I can overlook the above two drawbacks of this software, and still may prefer to use this software to play mp3 tracks simply because it is free and small in size. So try it yourself, though chances of liking this software can be a “may be”, but definitely it’s worth a try.

Get aero Playlist Player here.

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