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Math Playground is a great website with 100+ math games and instructional videos for students upto 6th grade. It offers games based on Question types, Topics and Grades. It offers different games based on question types listed under Math Games 1, Math Games 2, Logic Games 1, Logic Games 2, Math Arcade, Word Problems, Math Videos, and Common core. It offers questions based on  addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fraction, Decimals, Geometry, Ratio & Percent and Prealgebra topics. As far as grades are concerned, it offers question for 1st to 6th grade students. It also offers more than 100 instructional videos organized according to topic.

Despite being made for students upto 6th grade, the games on offer here are very addictive; they really got me hooked. And I think it would definitely keep the students hooked to these math games as it is an intriguing way to keep students interested in maths. And the best thing is that you don’t even need to login to the website to get started.

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Math Games for Upto 6th Grade Students:

Math playground is an addictive website with loads of maths games for students upto 6th grade that cane be accessed based on Question types, Topics, and Grades. Here you don’t even need to signup on the website to play these games.  All you need to do is open this website and choose the game you want to play and get started.

Find Math Games Based On Question Type:

First thing you notice on this website is that there are different Question Types available to choose games from. These Question Types are:

  • Math Games 1: It lists Number Puzzle math games like; Addition Facts To 20, Math man, Math Monster Subtraction, etc.
  • Math games 2: Number Puzzle Computation practice games like; Math Man Addition, Number Trails Addition, Puzzle Pics Multiplication, etc are listed here.
  • Logic Games 1:This menu contains Problem Solving thinking puzzle games like; Snail Bob 2, Wheely 7, Bloxorz, etc.
  • Logic Games 2: Here some more Problem Solving Thinking Puzzle games like; Full Moon, Rhino Rink, Fancy Diver, etc are available.
  • Math Arcade: Multiplayer math games like; Grand Prix Multiplication, Drag Race Division, Tug Team Multiplication, etc are available here.
  • Word problems: Solve math word problems by using thinking blocks and building model. It has games like; Thinking Blocks Jr, Addition and Subtraction, Math Problem Solving Challenges, etc.
  • Common Core: It has activities aligned to Common Core Math Standard. It is further categorized as Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6 to make it easier for students to find activities with math standard similar to their Grades.
  • Math Videos: More than 100 Instructional videos are listed under this option. All these videos are listed according to different mathematical topics like, Numbers and Properties, Whole Number Operations, Decimals, Fractions, etc.

Find Math Games By Topic:

The second section on this website is about games based on six different basic mathematical topics. These topics are; Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fraction and Decimal, Geometry, Ratio and Percent, Prealgebra. Here you need to select the topic you are interested in, and then you can play all the games under that topic.

For example, if I choose Addition and Subtraction, then the list of all the games listed to this topic will be shown and then I choose to play any of them. My favorite here is Tug Team Addiction. Once you click on this game, its interface comes up where you first need to enter your name and then you need to join a game if available and then click on Start Game. This is basically a tug game where you need to quickly solve basic addition and subtraction problems to win.

Find math Games By Grade Level:

You can filter games based on grades in this section. For this you need to select any grade from 1st to 6th. Lets say you select 6th grade, then all the games relevant to 6th grade appear on the screen and then you can select any game to play.

Lets assume you select Otter Rush, then its interface will open first and then you need to enter your name. And then again wait to join a game when available. One you join the game you can start it by clicking on Start Game. As the name suggests Otter Rush game is basically an otter race where different otters race with each other and you need to quickly solve simple exponent problems to win.

There is also a section dedicated to all the new games added under different sections. It also has a new Interactive Brain Teaser section where you can find Missing Digits Addition Challenge, Missing Digits Subtraction Challenge, Missing Digits Multiplication Challenge, etc.


Math Playground is a very useful website for students of upto 6th grade as it has various interesting math games to keep the students hooked to maths. Frankly speaking, even I got hooked to many of its games while testing.

Get to website from here.

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