5 Free Stutter Apps for Android to Overcome Stuttering Problems

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Overcome your stuttering problems with these 5 free stutter apps for Android. The Android apps listed here help you in various ways, by providing you with all sorts information to help you overcome stuttering. Some of them provide different techniques to overcome stuttering. One of them even provides you with all the Yoga Positions you can do to better your speech disorder.

Stuttering is nothing more than a speech disorder which can be overcome with regular speech practice. The apps listed here will surely provide you with all the information and means to conduct your regular speech practice.

Let’s see what they have to offer you.

Stutter Manager:

Stutter Manager is another Android app to overcome stuttering. It basically has 4 techniques to overcome stuttering. They are DAF & Mirroring, Metronome, Stutter Rate, and Add Word Game. It also comes with dedicated result management options for each of the above mentioned techniques.

DAF & Mirroring technique is the combination of delayed auditory feedback and mirror technique. Here you can practice syllables while looking at yourself on the screen and hearing your voice with some delay. This way you can closely take a look at the lip movements while speaking difficult syllables and try to improve on it. It also come with the option to mute the echo of your voice.

With Metronome technique, you can practice speech while speaking one syllable at a time on a tick sound. You can set the duration between each tick sound according to your preference. You also get to record your practice for future references.

Stutter Rate technique helps you keep a track of your progress on stuttering. It does so by allowing you to note down the number of times you stutter as well as the number of times you don’t stutter while speaking for a certain time. You can keep practicing the same sentences and match the time spent while saying it as well as the number of time you stutter each time.

Add Word Game in this app is a fun way of testing your stuttering for random words with time constraints. The game shows few words at a time on the screen and you have to pronounce as many as possible. You have to tap on the words you were able to pronounce correctly withing the given time. It also lists all your high scores for different time constraints, so that you can compare them to your previous scores.

You can see the results of all these 4 techniques in Result Manager tab of the app.

Syllable & Disfluency Counter

Syllables & Disfluency Counter app helps you to count and calculate disfluent syllable and fluent syllable. You can also use this app while practicing speech to keep a tab on the count of different type of stuttering like, Prolongation, Block, and Repetition. There are 3 options to count syllables in this app. They are Syllable counter, Advanced syllable counter, and Syllable calculator. You can view all your saved results in one place with Saved Data option.

With Syllable Counter, you can count the disfluent and fluent syllables while practicing speech. You can do so by tapping on their respective options for each fluent and disfluent syllables you speak. Once you stop the timer you can see and save the result.

Advanced syllable counter also does the same job of counting fluent and disfluent syllables. However, it allows to count different types of disfluent syllables like Prolongation, Block, and Repetition. This way, you get to know whether you prolong, block, or repeat a syllable while stuttering. Here also you get to see the result after stopping the timer.

With Syllable Calculator, you can directly input fluent syllables and disfluent syllables along with the time it took to speak those syllables, to get the disfluency percentage.

Cure The Stuttering Free

Cure The Stuttering Free is a very simple Stutter app for android. The app is a platform to carry out delayed auditory feedback. Simply speaking, you can tap on the mic icon to hear what you speak with some delay. This way, you can get a fair idea of words on which you stutter most of the time.

This app is a free version of a paid app, that is why you can only use it continuously for 60 seconds. However, you can use it again after 60 seconds by clicking on the mic icon again.

Stutter Rater

Stutter Rater is another Android app which helps you overcome stuttering. This is a very simple app with only one job, that is to show you the percentage of stutters per syllable as well as syllables per minute. It shows the results based on your entries of fluent syllables and stutters within a fixed time. You need to tap on S option for fluent syllables and D option for each time you stutter.

How to Stop Stuttering-Trainer:

how to stop stuttering

How to Stop Stuttering is a free Android app to improve the stuttering problem. This stuttering app comes with 2 different course modules which will guide you to overcome the stuttering problem. However, there are no speech training exercises available in its free version. So, if you are looking for an app to practice and bring fluency in your voice then this app is not for you. You can take reference from its basic courses to help in reducing stammering. The courses contain various video sessions explaining how to speak fluently and remove anxiousness while speaking. I found these courses and videos very useful and will recommend you to take a look at them. There are around 40+ videos in two courses namely ABC’s Course and 21 Steps. You can also choose to just listen to the audio of a video course. So, learn the different ways to reduce stuttering on a daily basis with this app and feel the difference.


All these stutter apps for Android provide you with different information and techniques to overcome stuttering. My personal favorite among these was Stutter manager cause all its features are free and very useful.

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