6 Free Online Color Blindness Test Websites

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Conduct online color blindness test with these 6 free websites to conduct online color blindness test. Most these websites use Ishihara test to determine the severity of your color blindness. Ishihara test is a widely known test for detecting color blindness. The test is based on 38 plates with color bubbles of different size and color. However, some websites listed here use less than 38 plates for the same  purpose. A number or line is concealed in each plate with some color variations, which you have to recognize during the test. Some of these websites even use other tests to do color blindness test online.

If you think you are finding it hard to distinguish between colors lately, then you must try these websites to get a basic idea of your color blindness.

P.S.: If you want to experience how a color deficient person sees something, then try these color simulator software.

You can also check out iPhone apps to test color blindness.


color blindness test

ColBlinder is a free website to conduct online color blindness test. The website is fully dedicated to helping color blind people in every way possible. The website allows you to test your color blindness and according to the result it shows you the severity of your color blindness. It has 4 different tests to check your color blindness. They are, Ishihara test, F-M 100 Hue test, Color Arrangement test, and RGB Anomaloscope test.

This website uses 38 plate Ishihara test and you have to recognize the numbers on each plate and write in the box next to them to get the next plate. Once you complete all 38 plates, result with the severity of color blindness appear on the screen. The website also allows you to share the result of the test if you want.

color blindness test

During F-M 100 Hue test you are required to arrange the 100 square blocks with different shades of color. There are 4 rows of 25 color blocks in each of them. The blocks are required to be arranged in such a way that the color changes gradually from one end to other end. The blocks can be moved by drag and drop method. At the end, you can see the result along with the severity of your color blindness.

color blindness test

For Color Arrangement test, you are required to arrange 15 square blocks with different color in such a way that the transition from one color to another is gradual.

color blindness test

The RGB Anomaloscope test requires you match the color of the box on the right, to the left box with a color changing slider. If the match isn’t possible, then you can choose No Match Possible to progress in the test. You can also see the test progress % in the Test Progress bar.

You can take either of these tests to check your color blindness on this website.


color blindness test

Colormax is another website where you can test for color blindness. The website uses only Ishihara test to determine the severity of the color blindness. The website only uses 13 plates to conduct the Ishihara test.

During the test here you are required to recognize the number concealed in the plate and write it in the corresponding left boxes. Once you write your answer, the real result is revealed. The website doesn’t analyze your answer to show your color blindness severity, it only shows the actual numbers concealed on the plates. However you can get a fair idea by comparing your answer to the real answers.


color blindness test

EnChroma is a website that provides glasses for color blinds. It also has a version of Ishihara test to detect the color blindness severity online. The test it conducts only shows single digits between 1-9 concealed on the plates.

The website has a digit pad on which you have to select the digit you see on the plate. You can choose Unsure or Nothing if you feel so. Once test is over, the website shows your color blindness test result along with some useful advice.


color blindness test

ColorVisionTesting  is a free website that allows you to take an online color blindness test. The website is very useful for color blinds as it not only has color blindness test, but also has answers to all types of questions related to color blindness.

It also uses a version of Ishihara test called PseudoIsochromatic Plate (PIP) Color Vision Test. It uses 8 plates concealed with numbers for the test. To take the test, it first requires you to enter your age, Zip code, and gender. During the test you need to type the number you see on the plate. If you don’t see any number, then type n or N. You can see the result of your color blindness test at the end of the test.


color blindness test

Colour-blindness.com is yet another website where you can test your color blindness severity. The website is basically meant to provide all sorts of help with color blindness like, Causes, Prevalence, Danger & Limitations, Myths, Types of Color Blindness, Solutions, etc.

The website has two types of tests to detect color blindness: Ishihara test and Color arrangement test. The Ishihara test here consists of 24 plates. The plates from 1 to 17 contain a number and plates from 18 to 24 contain one or two lines, which you have to recognize. Here, you don’t need to type or choose an answer, here you first need to recognize it and then match it with the answer. Click on the plate to reveal the real answers. The answer also include what a color blind must be seeing on the plate. This way you can get a fair idea of your situation.

The color arrangement test is the same we discussed for the ColBlinder website. Here also, you need to arrange 15 color blocks in such a way that the transition from one color to another looks gradual. Once you are done arranging the color blocks, you can click on Show Me The Results to see the detailed analysis of your color blindness.


color blindness test

Toledo-bend.com is a free website that deals in all sorts of information regarding color blindness, including Color blindness test. It shows 6 plates of Ishihara test concealed with numbers. All you have to do here is recognize the numbers and match your answers with the real answers listed below the plates. The list also shows what a Red-Green Color Blind person sees in those plates.


All the website listed here are pretty helpful in conducting personal tests for color blindness. I myself found ColBlinder most helpful as it has 4 different but simple tests to analyse color blindness.

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