Free Brain Training Math Game For Windows: Math Racer

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Math Racer is a free brain training game for Windows. It basically has 4 types of mathematical races involving Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. You will have to race against time to solve all the asked questions. It has 3 gradually increasing difficulty levels for each of the above mentioned four mathematical operators. The difficulty also increases a bit, every time you win. You can check your scores in Hall of Fame.

Math Racer lets you start with a Score of 5 for each category, which keeps on increasing by 1 with every win in that category. The highest number of problems you can solve is twice your highest score in that category.

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How To Train Brain With Math Games:

Math Racer is a free brain train game for you. It basically checks the ability of quickly solving basic mathematical calculations.

Math Racer is a portable software so you just need to download the ZIP file(link provided at the end of the article) and extract it anywhere on your PC. Always keep ‘Progress.txt’ file in the same folder as the application file, else the software won’t run.

On running the software, its interface pops out, with the options to choose from one of the mathematical operators: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It has three different difficulty levels that you can chose from.

math racer

After choosing the mathematical operator and the level of difficulty, you need to click on Race to play the game. To win the race you need to get the Green ball to the finish line before the other ball. This can be done only by correctly solving all the mathematical problems quickly.


With every win your high score increases by one. And, the maximum number of problems that can be solved in the next game will be twice your current high score.For example if your high score is 5, then you need to solve a maximum of 10 problems in the next game to win it.

All your high scores can be viewed by clicking on Hall Of Fame. It contains 3 high scores for all 4 mathematical operators according to the 3 different level of difficulty.

math racer hall of fame

The interface of the Math Racer also shows the high score of the currently selected mathematical operator and the level of difficult.


Math Racer is a great brain training game for you. As its increases the level of difficulty slightly with every win they register. It trains your brain to quickly solve the problems under time restrains. This might seem pretty basic that you are solving supposedly simply maths problems of basic mathematical operators, but the main catch is that you are racing against the time. You will be surprised how many wrong answers you get.

Get it from here.

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