Free iPad App for Quick Tabata 4 Minute Workout

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Quick 4 Minute Workout is a free iPad app for doing quick Tabata based workout. For those of you unaware about Tabata; it is a high-intensity protocol developed by Izumi Tabata which has weight-loss and fitness benefits. As per the protocol, this app includes 8 exercises which you have to do for 20 seconds (each of them) over a period of 4 minutes. In between two successive exercises, there is a break of 10 seconds.

If you are looking for 7 minute workouts, then click on  the link depending on your platform: Websites, Android, and Windows 8.

This iPad app is completely free to use and has animated GIFs to guide as to how you should do a particular exercise. While doing workouts, there are also various achievements to unlock which keep you motivated.

Note: The app also has paid upgrades which entitle you to additional features like tracker, workout videos, voice overs, etc. You can choose to unlock them either individually or as a complete package.

Quick 4 Minute Workout

Using this iPad App for Quick Tabata 4 Minute Workout:

When you will launch the app, you will see the home screen as shown in screen shot below. To start the workout, you have to tap on the Play icon on the center of the app.

4 Minute Workout Homescreen

Tapping on it starts the first exercise of the workout. Before the exercise gets started, you will see a 5 seconds timer along with name of the exercise. When the counter gets over, animated GIF will start playing and you can follow it. At bottom of the the screen, there is countdown timer which starts from 20 seconds.

4 Minute Workout Exercise

When countdown timer will reach zero, it means that exercise is over and your 10 second break will start. On completion of the break, app will move on to next exercise and this process will continue until complete workout is completed. The complete duration of the workout including breaks is 4 minutes.

Break in between Exercises

You can also pause any workout whenever you want by tapping on the screen. For resuming the workout, you have to tap on the screen again. From the paused workout interface, you can also skip the current exercise and start doing any other exercise. The option for going through all the exercises is on the left and right side.


On completing the 4 minute workout, you will unlock achievement(s) depending upon your performance. There are a total of 7 achievements to unlock: Ice Breaker, Beginner, Double, Intermediate, Pro, Streak 4, and Veteran.


While doing workout, the app uses sound effects and vibrations but you can turn them off from the Settings.

Final Verdict:

Quick 4 Minute Workout is a good iPad app for those who have a pretty tight work schedule but want to stay fit. The app includes exercises which you can do from anywhere and without looking to adjust your schedule. Do give it a try if you are looking for a simple and quick solution to your body fitness worries.

Get Quick 4 Minute Workout here.

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