5 Free 7 Minute Workout Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free 7-minute workout websites which helps you in performing a serious, short, and grueling workout session. The website lays down in front of you an entire schedule consisting of different exercises, timings to perform a particular exercise, and rest time. Keep following the instruction until you are done.

A 7 minute workout schedule can prove to be beneficial on two fronts. One, it saves you a lot of time; 7 minutes of exercise and you are done. Second, it proves to be very effective. The entire workout is designed in a manner that it extracts the maximum energy out of you and does not interrupt your busy schedule as well. You will find a lot of athletes and instructors agreeing with this form of fitness routine.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are 7 Minute Workout, 7 Minute Workout Timer, Lifehack, 7 Min Workout, and 7 MIN.

7 Minute Workout:

7 Minute Workout

The first website reviewed here is 7 Minute Workout. A pretty simple platform to use and you do not have to go through any procedure or anything. Just hit the start workout button and keep following the instructions on your screen. One by one you will perform 12 different exercises, with some rest time after every exercise. You can also choose to pause the exercise in between. One exercise lasts for 30 seconds and a person on your screen will show you exactly how to perform a particular exercise. All of this wraps up in mere 7 minutes.

In addition to the online platform, there is also a similar mobile app on the App Store. You can also try out that app for free.

7 Minute Workout Timer:

7 Minute Workout Timer

7 Minute Workout Timer is yet another free online platform to perform a short and rigorous fitness session. Just hit the timer option on the home page and your session will start. Images of animated characters will assist you in performing every exercise, and you can pause play the timer anytime you want. There is also a rewind button, in case you are not able to catch up with the timer. To make the workout complete, soothing background music keeps playing automatically. Try it out from the link above.



The third website to perform a 7 minute workout online is Lifehack. Basically, this website consists of a lot of other stuff, but there is also a video of the entire 7 minute workout. The link above will directly take you to this video. It consists of all the exercises that have to be performed one by one. There is a rest time of 10 seconds in between every exercise.

Beneath the video, on the same age, you will find a list consisting of names of all the exercises you perform in your workout session. Along with the list, a motivating article mentioning the benefits of workout is also available. Check out the link and start working out.

7 Min Workout:

7 minute workout

The next website to perform 7 minute workout online is 7 Min Workout. To put it in one line, this is a really nice platform with a good-looking interface and a special feature to play music of your choice. To start the workout, just hit any key and your session will begin. One by one you will go through every exercise with images appearing on the screen. The interface looks really good and gives an overall feeling of working out.

The special feature of this website is that it allows you to play music of your own choice, and that too a different song with every exercise. This can be done by hitting the customize button that appears on the screen before you begin with the workout session. Against every exercise, there is a link for the set song. Replace that link with the link of your own choice and hit done. Songs can be chosen from Rdio, Soundcloud, or Mp3 url’s.

7 MIN:

7 minute workout

7 Min is the final online platform reviewed here for a 7 minute workout session. There is a start button on the home page; hit that button and get ready to work out. The next 7 minutes are full of tiring exercises, all of which will be performed on your screen for assistance. There is a timer that keeps running in the background to indicate the seconds left. All of this is pretty much similar to the other platforms mentioned above. Unfortunately, there is no background music on this platform.

Other than the exercises, there are a couple of other noticeable things as well. The website has a free app for iPhone, iPad users; link for it has also been given. Secondly, there is 7 minute diet plan provided by the website. You will have to register to receive this diet plan in your mail. All of this is done on one single page.

Technically, there is no difference between the 7 minute workout routine provided on these websites at all. The exercises are all same as the workout cannot be changed. However, it is the interface, and other sundry  features that might attract your attention. So, go ahead and pick up your favorite platform. Do not forget to tell us about it.

If you are an Android user, you can also read our post on 5 Free 7 Minute Workout Apps

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