4 Free Guitar Learning Software For Windows

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Learn to play guitar with these 4 free guitar learning software for Windows. All these software basically help you learn Chords and Notes of guitars. These software can help you learn how to position your fingers for each chord, which is very important in playing guitar. Some of these software briefly explain guitar chords and notes, while some are very elaborate. Most of these have a list of chords from where you can learn to recognize and play those chords.

If you are planning to learn to play guitar, then the first step would be to learn about its chords and notes. And, these guitar learning software will surely help you know all about chords and notes.

Lets see how these guitar learning software work.

Advanced FretPro:

Guitar learning software

Advanced FretPro is a free guitar learning software for Windows. On one hand, it basically has a large collection of 1000+ Chord Patterns and Scales to learn from. On the other hand, it allows you to practice those chords with a game to recognize different Chords.

Under the collection of Chord Patterns and Scales, it lists Chord Note, Chord Type, Choose Chord Position to Display, Scale Note and Scale Type. This way you can learn the positions of each Chords according to their Chord type, Chord note, Scale note, and Scale type. You can also practice what you have learnt, in the Fretboard Notes Practice section. Here you need to recognize different notes within fixed attempts. You can set the Attempts Per Note and Game length for practice.

Guitar Chords

Guitar learning software

Guitar Chords is yet another software to learn Chords and Notes for playing guitar. It acts as a simple collection of different types of Chords along with their positions. You can even save or print the different types of Chords separately on your system.

These different types of Chords include: Major&Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Suspended, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, Power or 5th, and Other Chords. For more types of Chords, you can click on Other Chords option. You can select any of these types and then select the chord to get their positions. You can use the Help Option to learn how to read the Chords.

You can click on Printable Format to open the Chords in Notepad, which can be saved or printed according to your need.

Crazystrum Lite

Guitar learning software

Crazystrum Lite is also a free guitar learning software to learn guitar Chords. Some of the features of this software are limited as its a lite version of paid Crazystrum software. However, it is very useful in learning guitar Chords.

For learning guitar Chords, you can simply click on Chord Library to view the list of Chords with finger positions. The list contains Chord name with their Fretting: E A D F B e and Fingering: E A D G B e. Here, you can also add/update new Chords to the internal database of the software, However I wasn’t able to add or delete any Chords. It also has a Delete option to delete Chords. Other than Chord library, it also allows to Play, Create, and Edit songs.

It has a very limited number of chords in its library as compared to the above two software.

Guitar Note Practice

Guitar learning software

Guitar Note Practice is also another free guitar learning portable and lightweight software for Windows. It is useful to learn guitar notes and also allows you to test your musical notes reading skill. It basically plays different notes for a chosen Session Time and Note Display time.

It has 3 drop-down options, which can be used to either learn guitar notes or test your notes reading skill. These drop-downs are; Note Set, Session Time, and Note Display Time. Under Note Set you can select Beginner to learn different guitar notes along with names and symbols. Other options under Note set drop-down can be used to test your musical Notes reading skill as you have to guess the name of the displayed Notes. You can also choose to set different Session Time and Note Display Time from their respective drop-down options.

You can also read our full review of Guitar Note Practice here.


All these software are equally very useful as Guitar learning software. However I enjoyed more while using Guitar Chords, as it has a very large collection of chords and on top of that it also allows you to save or print those Chord lists.

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