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Zillya! Antivirus is free antivirus software which detects and blocks viruses and other malware intruding your PC. It works smoothly on your system and is very fast as it uses less CPU capacity and processing runs. This free antivirus is equipped with all important features to keep away virus and other malware from your PC.

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You can keep track of protection level in your computer using this antivirus and also perform real time scans on your files and mails for virus check. Zillya! Antivirus also comes with in-built features like that of Windows utilities like task manager and auto run manager to deal with malware in computer.

Zillya Antivirus

Some key benefits of Zillya! Antivirus:

Speed and economic:

The application is very fast and it uses resources economically. It takes only 100MB of disk space to save its files and dwells in your system to provide you top class protection from viruses and other malware. It uses less CPU capacity and process cycle, which ensures that your PC will not slow down when you scan your computer using this software. This software will detect and remove viruses and malware from your computer and improve its performance.

Unique Heuristic Algorithms:

Heuristic analysis helps in identifying new and unknown viruses whose definitions are not available in Zilllya! Database or not added in it. The application has in built heuristic analysis tool to deal with newest malware intruding in your system.

Real Time file and mail Scanning:

This application is well equipped with the tools and features to guard your system from real time attacks of malware. More often we download files and mails from web which may contain viruses and malware to hamper your computer system. Mail filter checks all the mails messages and attachments to ensure computer protection.

Get online anti malware services:

If you are suspicion about some malware in the file and the application cannot detect it yet. So you can submit your suspicious file to the online anti malware cell of the application. The Zillya! Team will perform analytical tests on the file submitted by you and if found any malware that is not in the Zillya! Virus database than the database will be updated. You’ll get rid of the malware from your file and also will help the application to update with new and unknown malware in the database. This service is absolutely free of cost and offers high level of protection.

Instant display of current level of protection:

Zillya! Antivirus automatically scans protection level in your computer and makes it available to you all the time in the system task pane and every window of the application. This way you will determine as which protection runs and scans are enabled and which are not. It also gives status of the malware detected by it in the given period, number of them cured, quarantined and deleted. Thus you get full analysis of the system check done by the application so far.

Zillya! Antivirus has very simple user interface very easy to handle by the users. For newbie it gives a simple access to the major features, and for computer known people it gives power and flexibility of configuration. All settings are intuitively grouped onto categories which allow fast understanding of product and easier interaction. Zillya! Antivirus database consists of more than 2 million unique malware definitions, and is updated regularly. Other free antivirus that we reviewed earlier include Micrsosoft Security Essentials, and AVG.

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