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Amazon Cloud Drive is a free online storage service from Amazon that lets you store your files online. This service gives you 5GB of free online storage space. You can use Amazon Cloud drive to store all your large files, as it lets you store files up to 2 GB in size.

Amazon Cloud Drive can be directly used from your browser. It comes with an integrated cloud player. So, if you store some music files in this cloud drive, you can directly play them from anywhere, without a need to download them. Apart from that, if you purchase any music album from Amazon, it get stored in your cloud drive as well, and does not counts towards your storage space.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Now, this type of service automatically warrant a comparison with one of the most popular cloud storage service Dropbox. I personally believe Amazon Cloud Drive is not a replacement for Dropbox. Dropbox beats it hands down. Some people might say that Amazon gives more storage than default 2 GB storage that Amazon provides. However, there are ways to get extra Dropbox space for free. So, I do not think that is also a great advantage. Only reason I would use Amazon Cloud Drive is to get some extra free storage space, to complement my Dropbox.

Now, here is a great tip to get a lot more storage space on Amazon Cloud Drive.

How to Get 20GB Storage Space on Amazon Cloud Drive for less than $1

Amazon offers paid upgrades also for Amazon Cloud Drive, with plans starting from $20 per year for 20 GB storage space. However, Amazon is ruining a promotion right now that if you buy an MP3 album from Amazon, they would give you 20GB storage space free for 1 Year! Now, there are lot of Amazon Albums that cost less than $1. So, if you buy any of these albums, you get 20 GB storage space on Amazon Cloud Drive free for 1 Year. This is really an amazing offer, and this definitely tips scales in Amazon Cloud Drive’s favor.

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