How to Get Extra Dropbox Space for Free

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Here are some tips to get extra Dropbox space for Free. These tips can help you get more than 10 GB free space on Dropbox.

Dropbox is one of the most popular file backup software. It comes with 2GB of free online backup space. If you want more space, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Using these tips, you can get a lot of extra Dropbox space for free.

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Sign-Up for Dropbox using someone’s affiliate link: If you sign-up for Dropbox directly, you get 2GB of free space. However, if you sign-up by using someone’s referral or affiliate link, you get 500MB extra space for free (and the person whose link you use also gets extra 500 MB). If your friend is already using Dropbox, you can ask their referral link, or just use my referral link from this Dropbox article.

Complete Activities in “Get Started” tab: Once you have created a Dropbox account, just login to that. You will see a “Get Started” tab there. This tab lists 6 simple Dropbox related activities (like, install Dropbox, take Dropbox tour, etc.). Just complete these activities, and you get extra 250MB free space.

Connect Social Networks to Dropbox: This is a lesser known way of getting free extra storage space on Dropbox. Once you have signed up for Dropbox, just go to Here, you will see four option, and completing each of those will increase your Drobox space by 128 MB each. Options are simple, like, link Twitter account with Dropbox, link Facebook account with Dropbox, Follow Dropbox on Twitter, and give some feedback about Dropbox. Once you link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Dropbox, you get two additional options for telling your friends about Dropbox. Each of these options give 128 MB extra free space, and completing all of these get you 768 MB free Dropbox space.

Refer Friends to Sign-up for Dropbox: This is one of the most popular way of getting free extra space on Dropbox. Once you have signed up for Dropbox, get your referral link by logging into your account. Then send that to all your friends, share on Facebook, and Twitter, or blog about it. Whenever someone signs up for Dropbox using your referral link, you get 250 MB extra space. You can get up to 8 GB total extra free storage space be using referral links. [and just a note: do not put your referral link in comments, I’ll have to delete them].

Use .Edu Email Address: I am almost jealous while giving this tip. If you sign up for Dropbox using a .edu email address, Dropbox gives you 500 MB for each referral you do, instead of regular 250 MB. You can get 16 GB extra Dropbox storage space for free in this manner.

If you love Dropbox, but run out of the free 2GB storage space, follow these tips to get more than 10GB space (I am already at 10.4 GB, and still haven’t exhausted all the options).

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