4 Hangman Games For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 hangman games for Chrome which you can use to have a quick game of Hangman while browsing websites. We’ve all played hangman at one point or another. Having it installed to Chrome can be a great quick distraction for when you need to wait for something to load, a website perhaps, if you’re on a super slow connection, or when you just wait for the download to finish.

Here are some of the hangman game extensions available in the Chrome Webstore.

Hangman by Laci28

hangman games chrome 1

Hangman by Laci28 is a simplistic hangman game for Chrome which once installed can be accessed from the top right corner of the Chrome interface. It’s accessed by left clicking on the icon that gets put there.

Game window rolls down from the top right corner and as soon as the window is down the game begins. You play by hitting letters on the keyboard. Game can be played both online and offline (when online while playing the game fetches words from the web). For offline gameplay, there are hundreds of word expressions that you can use, mostly movie names.

Get Hangman by Laci28.

Hangman by k.g1964

hangman games chrome 2

Hangman by k.g1964 lets you play hangman with city names and country names. This game also has a more polished up interface, as you can see on the image above.

There are sound effects for when you select a letter (using the on-screen keyboard down below). You get to miss a letter 5 times before the hanging happens. The faster you complete a word, the more bonus points you get.

Get Hangman by k.g1964.

Also have a look at Free Windows 8 Multiplayer Hangman Game: Hangman Pro.

Hangman by Jarle

hangman games chrome 3

Hangman by Jarle is an even more polished up hangman game for Chrome. It has a selection box on the right side where letters for guessing the word, can be found.

There’s music playing in the background and there are dozens of different categories of words for you to choose, movie heroes, musical instruments, Harry Potter facts, cartoon characters, and more. There’s also support for multiplayer game, up to 2 player, where you can play against friends.

Get Hangman by Jarle.

Hangman by Thewordsearch

hangman games chrome 4

Hangman by Thewordsearch comes with a large selection of topics from where words for guessing can be selected. It’s also possible to mix words from dozens of available word topics and mix between them when playing the game.

Interface is optimized more for kids, as you can see from the image above. Number of misses is also quite high, so you could say that this is a great version of hangman for smaller kids. They can learn words/spelling and also have a great time playing this classic. Letters can be guessed using the keyboard on the right or typed using the keyboard.

Get Hangman by Thewordsearch.

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I had fun playing all 4 hangman games for Chrome mentioned on the list above. Hangman by Laci28 I liked a bit more because it integrates nicely into the top right corner toolbar of Chrome. Let me know which hangman game you think is the best in comments down below.

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