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Undeluxe is free undelete utility which and be described as a Recycle Bin replacement. Undeluxe works a lot like Windows Recycle bin, but in a better way. Recycle bin just holds the files that you delete manually. However, Undeluxe goes even a step further. It even holds the files that are deleted by applications, so that any file that you delete via any application goes to Undeluxe, rather than being deleted. You can later see which all files have been stored by Undeluxe, and can delete or restore those, in the same manner that you would to with Recycle bin.

The application was designed to provide Windows user a handy program that would give them surety of recovery of files apart from Recycle Bin. The application ensures that you define a directory for it where it will save all deleted files by any application. These separate directory defined by you, will save all the deleted file in it and you will able recover any file that is deleted by you (may be mistakenly), without using a free data recovery software.


To understand the application better read below listed its features:

  • Protects files deleted with Windows Explorer
  • Protects files deleted at the command line or by any other application
  • Gives transparent and understandable file names for protected files
  • Keeps track of the application from which files were deleted
  • Is implemented at the file system layer rather than an application feature

What you can do with Undeluxe?

Recover deleted files: Any file deleted by any action of yours or by mistake any application and command can easily be recovered by Undeluxe. If not instantly, you can recover files of choice later on.

Deleted files are secured in one directory:  filed deleted by any application gets stored in a directory for easy recovery. Files names are kept intact for your convenience along with responsible application and timestamp that can be appended. So that you can identify the deleted files easily and there is no need to read from its name without requiring cryptic decodes or maintenance of opaque index files in the protected files folder. Also this naming convention allows you to save multiple versions of the same file.

Filter and configuration: you can include and exclude filters with the files to decide actually what you want Undeluxe to protect. These filters can be configured with wild card characters. Also you can set other criteria such as minimum and maximum file sizes to decide if files should become protected or just deleted. You can configure the maximum size of the protected files directory depending on various criteria and decide how maintenance should take place.

Advanced and reliable: Unlike the standard Windows recycle bin, Undeluxe is implemented as a filter at the file system level. Source code of its core component has been made available as a means to guarantee quality.

Undeluxe is reliable and lightweight. Generally speaking, it is a file system filter which intercepts file deletes which does not make use of any illegal technology and scripts. The application need not be kept running to keep it as active.

By saying lightweight, the application will not slow down your computer and do not have any virtual impact on system performance. Also utility does not interfere with the Windows shell, you can modify the standard Windows Recycle Bin or offer any unnecessary features which could untidy your computer. On the contrary, if you are sensitive about your data, you can use some secure file deletion software.

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