PC Wizard – Free System Information Software with Benchmarking Capabilities

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PC Wizard is a free system utility that allows you to view system information in order to monitor PC hardware. The system information provided by this free hardware monitoring software is useful to check hardware performance. You can keep yourself abreast of CPU, RAM, Hard Disk and other hardware performance with the help of this powerful free system utility.

PC Wizard is designed and updated so that it detects any hardware and system utilities of any brand and options to successfully monitor PC hardware. With PC Wizard, you can analyze and target your system components to check hardware performance.

PC Wizard

Features of PC Wizard:

  • Generate, save and email reports to view system information
  • Export Graphic files into BMP to monitor PC hardware
  • Web Update Wizard
  • Monitors motherboard
  • Dump hardware registers, system BIOS, video BIOS

PC Wizard helps to monitor PC hardware by providing you letting you view system information and hardware details. You can experience a wide list of hardware and system information that it reports to its users. A complete set of data about your PC hardware like mainboard / BIOS, Memory, Processor and Core processor, computer drives and Bluetooth device, Modem, server, biometric sensor devices and last but not least virtual machines is supplied.

The list generated by the free hardware monitoring software is conclusive but not exhaustive. This is the only information you get from PC Wizard to check hardware performance. The system information is more comprehensive than hardware data. Generally, system information is not very easy to retrieve but with PC Wizard, this problem gets sorted.

You can also place system benchmarks with PC Wizard. You can target processors, hard drives, CD/DVD ROM, RAM and main memory to monitor PC hardware. Such information helps you measure the maximum bandwidth supported by your PC hardware to check hardware performance. Developers of this free hardware monitoring software have coded in Assembly to serve you hardware benchmarking. Processor benchmarks measure performance in integer MIPS and MFLOPS.

Finally, this free system utility is available in ten languages which makes it a worldwide product. With PC Wizard, you can get better knowledge about the system and hardware components and eventually build better performance strategy for your PC overall.

Other free hardware monitoring software includes VeeSee Hardware Information and Speccy.

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