Automatically Block Sound From Unwanted Websites

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Silent Site Sound Blocker is a free Chrome Extension to block sound from selected websites. It allows you to add website to either blacklist or White-list. It automatically blocks sound from blacklisted websites, while it allows whitelisted websites to play sound without any problem. It also allows to block blacklisted websites only and allow all other websites to play sound.  You can also block sound from all websites, mute them all, or you can allow all the websites to play sound, unmuting them all.

Now a days, online audio/video advertising is gaining ground and they are on almost every website. Most of the time, you open a link in the background and the first thing you will notice is that you are hearing unwanted sound of an advertisement. And nothing distracts you more than an unwanted sound. This situation can be easily dealt with Silent Site Sound Blocker, as it only allows sound from whitelisted websites by default.

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 How to Block Selected Websites from Playing Sound in Chrome:

Silent Site Sound Blocker is a very useful Chrome extension to block online Sound from unwanted website.  It basically mutes every website except the whitelisted one.

Since, it is a Chrome extension, so you just need to add it to your Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store (link at the end of this article).

Once the extension is added, it automatically starts blocking sound from any website and generates a small prompt window for permission to play sound. The prompt window has four options, they are: Always Allow (Whitelist site), Allow Once (Prompt Again), Reject Once (Prompt Again), and Never Allow (Blacklist Site). You can also directly add any website to Whitelist or Blacklist by simply clicking on Silent Site Sound blocker icon in the toolbar. You can directly add one website per line in Whitelist or Blacklist in the Options of the toolbar icon.

The Extension has 4 different modes, they are:

  • Allow Whitelisted Only: This mode only allows whitelisted websites to play sound and mutes every other website.
  • Block Blacklisted Only: With this mode you can choose only to block sound from black listed websites, allowing other websites to play sound.
  • Silence All Sites: No website is allowed to play sound during this mode including whitelisted websites.
  • Allow All sites: All the websites can play sound in this mode, including the balcklisted websites.


Silent site Sound Blocker is a useful Chrome extension to automatically block sound of different websites. The best thing about it is that it is very intuitive and free.

Get it from here.

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