Keyboard Shortcuts For Firefox Browser

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Here, are keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browser. Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to browse with Firefox browser at a faster speed. It lets you browse in an easy and better way on the browser. If you know keyboard shortcuts of Firefox browser very well, then you can really speed up your browsing.

Like Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser also has its own keyboard shortcuts. Many keyboard shortcuts are almost same in Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser.


Keyboard Shortcuts For Firefox Browser:

Ctrl+T → Open a new Firefox tab

Ctrl+N → Open a new Firefox window

Ctrl+W → Close a Firefox tab

Alt+F4 → Close Firefox window

Alt+D → Jump to address bar

Ctrl+Enter → Add www. at the beginning of input address and .com at the end of the input address.

Ctrl+Tab → Switch between tabs from first to last

Ctrl+Shift+Tab → Switch between tabs from last to first

Ctrl+K → Jump to search bar if installed

Ctrl+1-8 → Jump to browser tab 1 to 8

Ctrl+Shift+T → Undo close browser tab

Ctrl+U → Show page source

Ctrl+Plus button(+) → Increase text size

Ctrl+Minus button(-) → Decrease text size

Ctrl+Click on Link → Open link in a new Firefox tab

Ctrl+B → Show/hide bookmark sidebar

Ctrl+Shift+B → Organize bookmarks

Ctrl+D → Add bookmarks

Ctrl+J → Open or close download window

Ctrl+H → Show/hide browsing history

Ctrl+Shift+Del → Clear private data

Alt+Space+Enter → Restore Window

F11 – Turn full screen mode on/off

Ctrl+Shift+J → Open java error console

F1 → Help.

Click the link and check out more keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browser.

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