Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome Browser

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Here, are keyboard shortcuts for Chrome browser. Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome make it easy for you to browse internet with ease while using Google Chrome browser. Managing browser with your keyboard makes your work faster and easier.

Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can use your keyboard as a mouse and navigate all your browser options with keyboard. Below keyboard shortcuts are only available for Google Chrome browser

Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome Browser:

Ctrl+T → Open a new tab

Ctrl+W → Close a Chrome tab

Ctrl+F4 → Close Chrome browser while running a single tab

Ctrl+9 → Switch to last tab

Ctrl+Tab → Switch between tabs from first to last

Ctrl+Shift+Tab → Switch between tabs from last to first

Ctrl+N → Open a new Chrome window

Ctrl+Shift+N → Open a new Chrome window in incognito mode

Alt+F4 → Close a Chrome window

Ctrl+Click on link → Open a link in new Chrome tab

Alt+Click in link → Download link.

Ctrl+l/Alt+D → Jump to address bar and enter the a new address to access on Google Chrome

Ctrl+E → Enter search query in address bar

Ctrl+Enter → Add www. at the beginning of input address and .com at the end of the input address.

Ctrl+Plus key(+) → Zoom in (Ctrl+Mouse wheel)

Ctrl+Minus key(-) → Zoom out (Ctrl+Mouse wheel)

F11 → Turn full screen mode on/off

Alt+Home → Jump to home page

Alt+F → Open the wrench menu

Ctrl+H → Open history tab

Ctrl+J → Open downloads tab

Ctrl+D → Add bookmark for current webpage

Ctrl+Shift+D → Add bookmark for current webpage and edit details

Shift+Esc → view Google task manager

F1 → Chrome help.

Crtl + Shift + T  → Reopen the last tab that you had closed.

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