Fun Adventure Game For Windows 10: Magic Secret Agent

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Magic Secret Agent is a fun adventure game app for Windows 10. The game revolves around a sorcerer who can teleport from one location to another via a magic orb. You have to collect clues in the game using your orb. The game requires you to jump over platforms etc. The way to do so is by throwing your orb over the platforms and then clicking the left mouse button to teleport on the platform. Overall the game is well designed and has decent graphics. The game is split into several sub levels where you have to complete each level by finding your way over to the exit doorway.

Controls of the game:

Click and Drag the left mouse button: Create trajectory for throwing the orb.

Release the left mouse button: Throw the orb.

Click left mouse button again (after the orb has been thrown): Teleport to the orb’s location.

Click the left mouse button on the player (after the orb has been thrown): Call back the orb.

Features of the game:

Running the game takes you to its main menu.

Magic Secret Agent Main Screen

Click on the Play button. Now you will see the level selection screen.

Magic Secret Agent level select

You can unlock more levels as you complete previous levels. You can see that I have already completed 2 levels hence three are unlocked for me. Clicking on a level takes you to gameplay.

Magic Secret Agent storyline highlight

First you will see the storyline of the game in brief as can be seen above. Once that is through, you will be able to play the game.

Magic Secret Agent gameplay

The object of the game is to get to Exit. Once you do that the level gets completed and you automatically progress to the next level. The levels progress in difficulty. You can see that the screenshot above shows a level of lesser difficulty than the level shown in the screenshot below.

Magic Secret Agent increasing difficulty

The game ends when your player dies.

Magic Secret Agent game over

The game over screen allows you to start over again, go to home screen or the level selection screen. That’s all for this review!

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The verdict:

Magic Secret Agent revolves around a sorcerer who has to collect clues. The game’s design language is sure to keep you hooked! Grab it below.

Get Magic Secret Agent.

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