6 Free Link Scanners to Scan URLs in Browser

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Here are 6 free link scanners that scans links that you are trying to open in your browser, and alert you if any of those links point to malicious websites. This type of link scanners are one  of the best security software as these prevent you from even visiting the websites that can download malicious software to your computer. All of these link scanners are completely free.


AVG Linkscanner

AVG Linkscanner is free security tool that effectively detects the malicious web page contents behind the URL you are interested in and saves you from intruders. The program is developed to protect you from threats. It scans the pages behind the link you are interested in to see if it leads to a genuine site. If it detects something suspicious, it simply prevents you from visiting the page.

The application has two important tools that scans the link and saves you from threats. The two vital features of the app are:

Surf-Shield feature helps you when you just browsing through internet. It will scan the pages behind the links before you enter them. The app will continue this process every time you enter a web address into your browser. If the page is infected, it simply stops you from opening it.

Search-Shield feature will protect you from threats when you use your search engine. It scans your Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results and places a safety ranking besides to each link, letting you know which sites can be trusted and which are to be avoided.

Read more about AVG Linkscanner, or download free here.

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Web Security Guard

Web Security Guard is freeware protecting your computer from infected web page contents. The utility is for the security of your computer from malwares infecting your PC coming from internet. The program is written to stop the internet threats entering in your system through infected web pages. This free link scanner will effectively determine the contaminated link with infected web pages and stops you from loading the pages in your system.

Web Security Guard informs you of potentially dangerous websites by displaying detailed information and user reviews before entering websites. You can safely browse internet with this freeware, as you get the detailed info about the app and make informed decision as to enter the link or not. It simply scans the web page contents behind the link and determines the threat level and displays you detailed info.

The application also helps you to search the web safely. As you search for something over internet using search engine, the freeware link scanner displays a website rating icon within the search results which will help you to decide as to which site is genuine and should be loaded to your system. You can also use the user website review to ascertain the authenticity of the web page or else write your own review to help others.

Read more about Web Security Guard, or download free here.

Web Of Trust

Web of Trust is another on our free link scanner list that protects your system from malicious web pages behind the link that you want to enter in your browser. The app is internet security tool which will help you in this risky environment when most of the malwares and viruses are entered in your system through internet.

Internet today is most often used medium for communication and transfers and very sensitive too at the same time, as the intruders get very access to anybody’s system through internet. However, this can be curbed down, if you use proper security tool that will help you to fight with internet intruders. However, the app is in the form of plug in for your web browser.

Surf safely with this ad on as the app is equipped with WOT browser add-on helps you avoid online frauds by scanning the web pages behind the URL you enter. The app will identify the theft, unreliable shopping sites and other security threats before you enter.

Read more about Web Of Trust, or download free here.

McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor is free software installed in your Pc that will alert you when you enter a suspicious URL in your browser whose page contents are corrupted and infected. The app is form of browser plug in gives you safety advice about the threats that are present in the web page and helps you take informed decision that will save you from any threats.

The freeware like any other utility scans and detects the web page contents in the internet when you just surf the network or using any search engine. The application adds small site rating icons to your search results as well as a browser button and optional search box. Thus, the tool is efficient enough to save you from potential internet risks.

The application does not only alerts you about the threat behind the web page but also advises you so that you can choose correct course of action for the same. The freeware site ratings are based on tests conducted by McAfee using an army of computers that look for all kinds of threats.

Download McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is free application that scans the URL you want to enter in the browser. Sometime the web pages linked with the URL are infected with viruses, malwares and spyware which can ruin your system data. The application will avoid such accidents and save you from threats and phishing. Web sites that will try to deceive you, steal your credit card numbers or passwords, or even crash, such effective tool can stop your computer.

The application can be downloaded free of cost. When you enter a web address in the browser, the application servers scan the pages and analyze web sites to see how they will affect you and your computer. Then, using the Norton Toolbar installed on your PC, it will let you know how safe a particular web site might be before you view it.

Download Norton Safe Web.


TrendProtect is free browser plug in which does not require any interface. Just download the application and install the freeware in your system. The web pages with threats and unwanted contents can be avoided with this free program. The application will rate the current page and pages listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo search results. The rating can be used as decisive factor as you must enter the address or not. You can use the address or just avoid the web page as the page with poor rates can or just avoid a given Web page. To rate Web pages, TrendProtect refers to an extensive database that covers the following information for billions of Web pages:

  • Content category
  • Phishing scam detection
  • Site reputation
  • Page reputation

Download TrendProtect.

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