Automatically Switch to Incognito Mode while Opening Some Websites: Ghost Incognito

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Ghost Incognito is a Chrome extension that automatically opens specified websites in Incognito mode of Google Chrome. You can specify list of websites that should always open in Incognito mode. Whenever you open any of those websites, Ghost Incognito automatically opens them in Incognito mode.

Ghost Incognito also comes with a default setting that all websites that have “.xxx” domain extension automatically open in Incognito mode. This extension is quite useful as it ensures that you do not have to worry about remembering to open specific websites in Incognito mode.

Ghost Incognito extension is quite easy to use. Just go to the Ghost Incognito home page on Chrome extension gallery. Click on “Add to Chrome” option to add the extension to Google Chrome. It will add a Ghost icon next to Chrome address bar.

Ghost Incognito

To add some website to this extension, just browse to that website, and then click on ghost icon. Ghost Incognito will then always open that website in Incognito mode.

However, it is not easy to remove some website from this extension. For that, you need to first Enable extension to run in Incognito mode. After that, open the website in the Incognito mode that you want to be removed from the list. Then click on ghost icon, and then website will be removed from the list.

To remove all the websites from the list, Right click on ghost icon, and select “Options”. In the page that opens up, select button to remove all websites from the list.

Ghost Incognito is quite a useful extension. I like its ease of use. I also like the fact that it does not displays the list of websites that have been added to it, otherwise that itself will tell other people which websites you don’t want to be added to your browsing history.

Check out Ghost Incognito.

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