Free Image Retouching Software: Retouch Pilot Lite

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Retouch Pilot Lite is a free version of an excellent photo or image retouching software which can easily and in just a few clicks repair various different photo imperfections, especially on older images, if you’re in the business of photo restoration. Since this is a “Lite” version, there are some restrictions on which tools you can use, when compared to the paid version, but the set of tools offered in free version are more than enough for very advanced image retouching.

Retouch Pilot default window

Great thing about Retouch Pilot, especially for those who are new to photo retouching tools is the fact that once you start it for the first time a list of useful tutorials will pop up. If you decide to start one of the offered tutorials which can be seen on the image above, a demonstration will be carried out and it will use the program itself in order to display the selected image retouching tutorial. If you don’t need these types of pointers, you can deactivate and close them, and start doing the work right away.

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Free image retouching software with Retouch Pilot Lite

The first thing that you will probably notice when you look at the program design is that it’s not very complicated, and you don’t have to study a lot it in order to understand how things work.

Retouch Pilot image opened scratches

Here we have an old image opened which has the classic scratches, dots and streaks running across it’s surface. When digitizing these types of images, you can’t avoid picking up these streaks with the rest of the picture because scanner can’t tell what’s useful and what’s not, but lucky for us Retouch Pilot Lite can. There’s 11 tools in total offered by Retouch Pilot:

  • Scratch Eraser
  • Concealer
  • Smart Patch
  • Autopath
  • Liquify
  • Text Tool
  • Rotate, Resize, Crop

In order to retouch our photo shown on the image above, we’re gonna use the first tool, the Scratch Eraser. This tool is a very powerful remover of any kind of dirt that you might find on your photos. By dirt we’re of course referring to those black dots and streaks which are practically always present on older photos, and even newer ones if the camera doesn’t have good quality.

Retouch Pilot retouched photo

Next to the Scratch Eraser, in the photo restoration above, we’ve also added a little bit of cropping, so that all the white space around the top of the image was removed. There’s also a little bit of show off text added with the help of the Text Tool. See the second image from above, and then compare it with the third one, number of image scratches and other damage present has decreased drastically with just a few clicks of a mouse.


If you have images and photos which need to have some finishing touches made to them, various junk removed, like the streaks and dots that we have removed on the image above, then Retouch Pilot Lite is just the thing that you need. Using the Scratch Erase tool is as easy as moving your mouse around, so make sure to give this free image retouching software a try, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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