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ReTwit for Twitter is a free Chrome extension which lets you personalize the user interface of Twitter. You can easily show/hide different modules of Twitter which are an integral part of its stock layout. Here the modules mean the different sections like the Who to follow box, trending box, footer, etc.. The extension also lets you choose the font, top bar color, navigation icon color, make corners square, etc..

ReTwit for Twitter also adds an extra icon for following if you happen to come across a tweet from an account which you don’t follow.

2-Column View

Using the Twitter Chrome Extension ReTwit for Twitter:

When you have added the ReTwit for Twitter on your Chrome browser, you will be redirected to the Settings page of the ReTwit from where you can personalize the Twitter UI easily. All the options are divided into 3 categories: General, Tweets, and Sidebar.

ReTwit Settings


As the name suggests, it offers settings which don’t have any effect on the way Twitter works. They only affect the way Twitter looks. You can choose the font, top bar color, navigation icon color, show/hide profile header shadow overlay, and make the corners look square. You can see the changes I made in the screenshot below:

Twitter Changed UI


From here, you can choose whether you want to have 2 column view or not. In 2 column view, the extension places both Trending and Who to Follow boxes on the same side. You can also set the width of the content. The content refers to the width of the area in which the tweets are displayed.

2-Column View

Other than this, you can choose to have rounded avatars and hide image previews. On hiding the image previews, you won’t see the images previews with the tweets.

Hiding Image Preview

Although, there is also an option to hide button labels like Replay, Retweet, etc. but it didn’t work for me.


In this section, there are two parts of the options. The first is whether you want to hide or show the sidebars. If you chose to hide, then you won’t see anything except the tweets. There will be no profile sidebar, who to follow sidebar, and trending sidebar.

Twitter without Sidebars

On the other hand if you want to show the sidebars, then you have the options to choose which sidebar you want to show and which one to hide. Depending upon your choices, you will get the Twitter UI.

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Final Verdict:

ReTwit for Twitter is a good extension for those who¬†don’t want the extra sidebars of Twitter and just want to focus on the Tweets they get. You can also try it out just to get a new UI and have a different user experience.

Get ReTwit for Twitter here.

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