5 Free Social Network For Kids As Alternative Of Facebook

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Here is a list of 5 free online social network for kids, that serve as an alternative to Facebook. All these websites have been specifically designed for kids under 18 years of age, taking into consideration their interests. You will find a lot of interesting things to do, cartoon animations, stickers and a lot more. At the same time the websites take care of the content as well so that all the inappropriate elements can be eliminated.

The social network for kids that we have reviewed in this article are Kidzworld, Yoursphere, Everloop, Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters.


Kidzworld-social network for kids-account menu

The first social network for kids in our list is Kidzworld. The website provides you with numerous features to use. You can read entertaining articles, read about your favorite stars, play games, be informed about new games, add friends, chat with them and much more. The website also allows you to write your own articles and share them with friends. It is specifically meant for kids up to 17 years of age so that they can have a place of their own.

This social network for kids also makes an attempt to remove unwanted stuff by censoring it. Even the profile pictures that you upload are approved by the website first and you get blocked if found sharing any adult content.

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Try Kidzworld from here.


Yoursphere-social network for kids-home page

Second in our list of social network for kids is Yoursphere. Yoursphere is, again, a social networking platform meant for kids under 15 years of age only. Kids can only use this website once their parents approve their request by activating the account. Once inside, the website lets you perform functions like upload photos, videos, like and comment on them, add friends, take part in polls, quizzes, contests, and much more.

One key feature of this social networking platform is that you can join different spheres. These spheres are like different clubs or groups that you can join. You can upload videos, photos, chat with other members, and even create your own sphere.

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Try Yoursphere from here.


Everloop-social network for kids-add stickers

The next social network for kids in our list is Everloop. Everloop is also meant for kids under 15 years of age and parents have to approve their account. Parents can also create their own account and monitor the activities of their kids.

The options available for kids in this social networking website are add friends, play games, upload your own pictures and more. This website provides you some cool stickers and color options to customize your account. There are various cool stickers that you can paste all over your wall to make it look attractive. There is also one everstore from where you can buy more cool stickers and avatars in exchange of the coins you earn while playing games. Apart from this, you can also join different loops (clubs) and create your own new loops. There are some cool badges on offer for all these activities that you do in your account.

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Try Everloop here.

Club Penguin:

Club Penguin-social network for kids-home page

The next social network for kids in the list is Club Penguin which is quite different from the above mentioned social networking websites for kids. This platform lets you interact with other kids through a game. Club Penguin is a game in which you can customize your penguin, enter the game with your parents consent, and play it. You get to meet all the other players or kids playing the game at that time and interact with them through chat. You can visit their account and send them friend requests.  After you have become friends with someone, you can also send them gifts like postcards and more.

Keeping in mind the age of the kids, this website only provides limited social networking options. Adding friends, and chatting with them are the only two social networking functions that you can perform. But it is no doubt quite entertaining and you would love the game.

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Try Club Penguin from here.

Moshi Monsters:

Moshi Monsters

The last in the list is Moshi Monsters. Broadly, the basic structure of this social network for kids is quite similar to Club Penguin. You have to play a game and along with it you are given some social networking features to use.

In Moshi Monsters you have to select your monster from the given list and customize it according to your taste. After that you can enter inside and play the game. The game has different levels and lots of exciting options. You can also win a lot of cool prizes and medals while playing.

In addition to this you can make friends and chat with them through personal messages. The interesting and unique features in Moshi Monsters are that you can make a separate list of 20 BFF’s (Best friends forever) and track all their activities. You can also share your unique URL with others to become friends with them.

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Try Moshi Monsters here.

So, all the above mentioned social network for kids serve as a nice alternative for Facebook. You can use these websites to good effect and learn while enjoying the fruits of social networking platforms.

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