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Yoursphere is a completely free social network for kids where you can come and interact with other kids of your own age. The kids are given limited options to perform considering the perils of social networking they might face at such a young age. However, you can still do a lot of things like make new friends, chat with them, play games, take polls, read articles, upload photos, join and create new spheres. These spheres are like different communities. You can add videos etc. in these spheres.

This social network for kids ensure that children are not over exposed. It is similar to Facebook in many aspects. You can visit the link given at the end of the article to join this social networking platform. But before that, let us have a detailed review of its features and functions.

Yoursphere-social network for kids-home page

What Does This Social Network For Kids Contain?

This social network for kids allows you to sign in by entering your birthday date and year. The website is only meant for kids up to 15 years of age and does not allow any other to join. Once you create an account, you will find a lot of different options on your homepage. Most of them are very commonly found in almost every social networking website. But, for kids it is totally new.

One of the many options this social network for kids provides is to join spheres. These spheres are like different communities created by Yoursphere. They contain different polls, videos, images, quizzes etc. You can watch, like and comment on them. The website also allows you to create your own sphere under one condition. Spheres created by you have to be associated with any one of the existing sphere. Your sphere will be shown under it ( see the screenshot below). This is done to ensure that all the unwanted content is eliminated.

Yoursphere-social network for kids-create sphere

Other things you can do apart from joining and creating spheres are update status and add photos to them, read book reviews, like and comment on photos on your home page, play games, read featured articles, and take part in ongoing contests. The website updates featured article on different topics and book reviews of different books every week. You can enjoy reading them and share your thoughts through comments. The games are also quite interesting. There are lots of badges and credits to be won by performing these tasks.

Yoursphere-social network for kids-book review

Key Features Of Yoursphere

  • Update status, add photos
  • Add friends and chat with them
  • Join, create your own spheres, and take polls, watch videos, photos etc.
  • Read book reviews and share your thoughts about it
  • Take part in contests
  • Read featured articles
  • Earn credits and badges
  • Play different games

Final Verdict

Yoursphere is a good social network for kids and contains only those features that can be beneficial for them. The features are limited but well directed. Kids will have a good time using this website for recreational purpose and will enjoy playing games and doing other things.

Try Yoursphere here!

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