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Moshi Monsters is a completely free social network for kids under 15 years of age, where you can play games and interact with other players and friends. The website provides limited social networking features keeping in mind the inappropriate stuff kids might be exposed to. It provides some basic features like adding friends, chatting with them, sending messages with a little flavor. The animations and graphics of the website suit the style of kids. Parents have to approve their kids account before you can use this social network for kids.

This social network for kids can be considered as an alternative for Facebook as kids under 18 years of age are not allowed on Facebook. You can visit the link given at the end of the article and start using Moshi Monsters.

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How To Use This Social Network For Kids?

This social network for kids allows you to get in touch through game. Moshi monsters is basically a game which you have to play and meet your friends. To start with you can select a monster for yourself, customize it and wait for your parent’s approval. Once they approve your account, you can enter the game and use your account.

This game has different rooms for different players and there is one common place where you can see all the players. You can visit the rooms of other players also. The game contains different levels, prizes, credits etc. As you keep progressing in the game you will keep exploring new things and features.

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Now while you are playing the game, you can use the various social networking features side by side. The website allows you to add friends in your account. You can do that by searching them through their names. You can also share the unique URL (provided in your account) with others to become friends with them. There is one BFF (best friends forever) list also where you can add 20 friends and track their activities on the website.

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Once you have made friends you can talk to them through messages. There is a separate icon on your profile from where you can send and receive messages from your friends. This feature is very much similar to Facebook, Yoursphere, and some other social network websites.

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Key Features Of Moshi Monsters

  • Choose and customize your own monster
  • Get cool usernames
  • Connect with friends while playing games
  • Play on different levels and win medals and prizes
  • Make a list of 20 BFF’s and see their activities
  • Chat with friends
  • Send gifts to friends
  • Share URL to invite friends

Final Verdict

This social network for kids, apart from being interesting, is a very sensible platform for kids which provides them with just enough features. The website might not contain enough features from a general perspective but it is near perfect for kids of a certain age. They can enjoy the animations, game, and at the same time interact. So give it a try and let us know what you feel.

Try Moshi Monsters here.

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