QuickPHP: Free PHP Testing and Debugging Web Server

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QuickPHP is a free PHP testing web server to test and debug PHP scripts. It does not needs Apache or any other web server on your computer. You do not even need to install this – just unzip the download file, and start this free PHP Debugging web server. You can debug PHP with any web browser using this free PHP Debugging web server.

Note: Before I excite you further about this interesting piece of software, I want to point out a major flaw – it is not free for commercial use. By commercial use it means you cannot use it to test a PHP script that will be part of a commercial website. That is a major limitation in my opinion. Most of the development work is done for commercial  purposes, unless it is for school/college projects, or just personal language learning projects. That means this software cannot be used for majority of PHP development. That renders this software useless in my eyes. A better option would have been to launch a free version with limited features, and a paid version with all the features. An alternative to this is CodeLobster free PHP debugging software.

Resuming the review, this software indeed works very well. It has a small memory footprint – less than 9MB, and does not needs .Net to be installed on your m/c.


QuickPHP supports lot of features, such as:

  • Handles various request types, like GET requests, POST requests, and HEAD requests.
  • Supports PHP sessions and cookies.
  • It supports various request mods, such as mod_rewrite, mod_headers etc.
  • Works with any web browser.

QuickPHP is the PHP equivalent of web server that comes with Microsoft Visual Studio. It lets you quickly test your scripts on your computer  without installing a full fledged web  server like Apache. It uses just a few MB of disk space. It even supports extensions, and PHP.ini.

QuickPHP is quite good, and a nice free PHP debugging and testing option. However, it is not free for commercial uses. Other development tools that you can also try are: free CSS Editor, and free C++ IDE.

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