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Blackbox is a free iPhone puzzle game that you can play without even touching the screen. Sounds interesting, isn’t it. Actually, this game requires you to turn on small lights by doing various tasks on your iPhone such as increase/decrease volume, brightness, connect the headphone, click pictures, shout, shake & rotate your iPhone, and so on. But, what makes this game fun, interesting, addictive, and yes frustrating too is because you have to figure out all the tasks by yourself as hints come with a cost. It offers tons of difficult tasks which you have to guess and complete in order to turn on the small light boxes. For example, if you have started a challenge then it will give you a quick hint about how to complete the task. If you miss the hint, then my friend, the task is definitely going to eat up your brain.

Initially, it offers two free hints regarding the tasks and after that, you’re on your own. Don’t worry as it also allows you to either buy or invite friends to earn hints. If you love playing puzzle games for iPhone such as Board Defenders, Kindly Colors, Disco Zoo, TwoDots, etc. and want some more challenges, then you should definitely try this amazing, brain eating, and addictive puzzle game “Blackbox”. This challenging puzzle game is definitely going to test how clever you’re and how creatively you can think?.

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How To Play Blackbox Puzzle Game Without Touching the iPhone Screen:

Step 1: As soon as you open up the game, it will show you some tips and hints regarding how to play and complete challenges. Then follow the instructions to go to the main menu of the game.


Step 2: After that, you will see small light boxes on the main menu that needs to be light up. In order to do so, you’ve to complete the tasks assigned to the boxes. The menu itself looks like a puzzle game, as nothing is written except the light boxes (empty or completed) as shown below.

main menu

Step 3: The filled up boxes in the above screenshot imply the completed task and the empty boxes means the tasks are yet to be completed. The shiny boxes are the new challenges unlocked after playing the previous once. That means you need to keep completing the tasks to unlock more difficult challenges. Each challenge is unique and the related task is also different each time you select a light-box.

Step 4: Simply click on any empty box to light it up by guessing and performing the related task. Personally, I think it takes a little time and thinking after which you will be able to complete a challenge. Once you’re able to light up the boxes, simply slide down on the screen or tap twice to go to the main menu.

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Step 5: The pre-game hint is very necessary in order to understand the assigned task. If you get the hint then it wouldn’t take much time to complete and if you miss it then you’ve to put all your effort to complete the task. The tasks are quite difficult and funny as well as it might ask you to lower the volume, connect the headphone, turn off Wi-Fi, shake your phone, etc. which obviously you’ve to guess.

My Final Verdict:

Blackbox is a pretty challenging and interesting puzzle game for iPhone, where you’ve to solve puzzles by performing various tasks and even without touching the screen. The game objective is to turn on small light boxes by completing assigned challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more new challenges appear. It also allows you to use hints, which you can either purchase or earn by inviting friends to play Blackbox. Hope you find it addictive and fun.

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Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 32 Average: 3.7]
Works With: iPhone, iPad
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