Kindly Colors: Free iPhone Puzzle Game To Create Chains of Similarly Colored Blocks

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Kindly Colors is a pretty amazing free iPhone puzzle game. The game basically involves creating bi-colored chains of similarly colored blocks (e.g. Blue & Green, Orange & Red). The chains can be created by drawing finger over all adjacent blocks having matching colors. A minimum of five colored blocks need to be matched in order to create a valid chain. The adjacent color blocks can be matched using any pattern with one consecutive draw of a finger, provided there are no breaks (a different colored block between two similarly colored blocks).

The game is divided into levels. Each level consists of a total of 15 initial moves, and you need to complete a level within these moves to progress to the next one.

Kindly Colors also includes bonuses that trigger colorful chain reactions when used. Bonuses are usually generated when long chains of matching blocks are created. Apart from this, multiple blocks of same (not similar) color automatically explode to create combos. You can either play Kindly Colors yourself, or compete with your friends by logging in via Facebook. You can share your high scores with others on Facebook. Ready to do some color matching? Head past the break to find out more.

kindlycolors header

Kindly Colors: Installation & Primary Game UI

The installation of Kindly Colors is a pretty standard affair. Simply search for the game in the iOS App Store, tap the install button, and you’re good to go. The first time you fire up the game, the following screen shows up:

kindlycolors main ui

As illustrated by the above screenshot, you can either play Kindly Colors directly, or by linking your Facebook account with it. Tapping Settings lets you change options such as the background sounds, music and the game’s language. You can also swipe to either side to access the help menu (which provides some valuable hints about the game play), and the I like it menu, to provide feedback about the game and share it on social networks.

Playing Kindly Colors is quite easy. All you have to do is tap the Play button on the home screen. Once you do that, you’re presented with the first level. The in-game UI is also fairly straightforward. Here’s how it looks like:

kindlycolors main ui

As shown, the in-game UI involves a few randomly placed blocks of similar colors, arranged as constituents of a grid of blocks. You have to join these to create chains of similarly colored blocks. A color palette above gives you an idea of the adjacent (matching) colors with overlapping colored circles (e.g. Orange & Red, Blue & Green). A move counter on the right keeps track of the total moves left in a level. Apart from this, a progress bar above that tracks your score and level progress. Pretty simple if you ask me.

How to play Kindly Colors on iPhone?

Playing Kindly Colors is super simple, and fun. As mentioned above,  the gameplay basically involves matching as many adjacent blocks of similar colors as possible. When a set of similarly colored blocks (refer to the color palette on the top of the grid of blocks) is matched by drawing a finger over it (the selected blocks are highlighted), the matched blocks disappear, and you get points. This also moves the level progress bar a bit further. Each successful draw of the finger constituent qualifies as one move. To successfully progress to the next level, you have to reach the target score (shown at the right end of the level progress bar) within the provided moves. The more blocks you join, the more score (and other goodies like bonuses and combos) you earn. It’s that simple. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

kindlycolors gameplay

If you’re unable to attain the desired score within the provided set of moves, the game ends. From here, you can either try again, or quit the game. You can also purchase additional move sets from the App Store as IAPs (In App Purchases).

kindlycolors try again

After each game is over, you can also post your high-score directly on Facebook. However, if you’re already logged in to your Facebook account and had it linked with Kindly Colors on the initial screen, there’s no need to do this. That’s because your game scores are automatically saved to your Facebook account.


Kindly Colors is quite a fun puzzle game. It’s simple and intuitive as well. While the user interface might be simple (considering how amazing mobile games look these days), but it’s pretty good for what it is. It can be especially good for kids, since its underlying concept of color matching helps strengthen their coordination skills. The In App Purchases and the limit of 15 moves per level may be letdowns, but hey, it’s free after all. I suggest you give it a try, you’ll love it.

Get Kindly Colors Here.

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