Puzzle Game For iPhone With Chess Rules: Board Defenders

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Board Defenders is an amazing and interesting puzzle game for iPhone with Chess rules. If you love playing chess games, then my friend you are definitely going to love this one. The rules of this game are similar to the other chess games for iPhone, but with live and animated characters. It comes with more than 100+ levels which include various difficulties and new challenges. You will be able to choose among 4 different character groups with different abilities and attitude to make the game more exciting.

You will face strong enemies with different setups and you have to solve puzzles in order to complete challenges. It offers 3 different locations to play on with respective game modes. Complete as many challenges as you can to earn achievements. Play using the challenge mode to compete against people all around the world in the Game Center. The main purpose of this game is to defend your play board against your enemies or you can say before checkmate as in the Chess game.

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How to Defend your Play Board with Chess Rules:

Step 1: As soon as you open the game, you will see 2 different game mode “Normal Mode” and the “Challenge Mode”. The “Challenge Mode” is for playing with your friends available in the Game Center. The “Normal Mode” is the single player mode with auto-bots or enemies.


Step 2: After that, it will ask you to choose among the 3 different locations named, “Forest”, “Playville”, and “Magic Tree”. Initially, the first location will be unlocked and the other locations can be unlocked by completing all the levels of the first one.


Step 3: Each location consists dozens of levels with different challenges. After selecting a location, it will ask you to choose among the levels to solve the puzzles and complete challenges.


Step 4: Now, let’s talk about the gameplay. When your character is on the board, simply tap the character and tap the highlighted box twice to move there. With each step of your, the enemies will start moving to the play board. You have to continue defending your board by killing the enemies before they cross the border of the play board.


My Final Verdict:

Board Defender is an amazing game and a perfect alternative to the Chess game. You have to defend the board from your enemies by killing them with the rules similar to Chess. Personally, I like this game as it comes with tons of levels with different challenges and difficulties.

Get this game from the link here.

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