5 Real Time Stock Market Info Tracker Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 real time stock market info tracker extensions for Google Chrome which can be used to keep track of the stock market price updates, takeovers, and other news in real time. When it comes to stock markets, timely information is critical. Having access to good information as soon as humanly possible let’s you do the proper analysis of situations and also to make quick decisions, which is critical when it comes to investing in stocks. Todays extensions are real time stock market tickers, which can help you do just that.

Finance Toolbar

Finance Toolbar will add a moving strip of stock market info, just like the one that can be seen on Wall Street movie reels. It’s located just underneath the address bar.

real time stock market info tracker extensions chrom 1

You’ll need to access the extension settings to setup the stock symbols of companies whose info you want to see on the strip. Other options can be tweaked, like instead of prices, you can see price movements (up, down) in percentage points. Colors can be also be tweaked, so that they are more to your liking.

Get Finance Toolbar.

Check Stock Prices

Check Stock Prices will list stock prices and other info like opening stock price for the day, price range (how much did the price change), volume (how many stocks were sold) and more. You can see the extension in action on the image down below.

real time stock market info tracker extensions chrome 2

Info is pulled from Yahoo Finance. You will need to open up the extension settings and add stock market symbols of all the companies that you need to track. Otherwise, after clicking on the top right corner icon, nothing will come up. Prices are updated as soon as they are on the Yahoo Finance website.

Get Check Stock Prices.

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Stocks Display

Stocks Display works like Check Stock Prices, but it’s much more polished up than the latter, as you can see from the image down below.
real time stock market info tracker extensions chrome 3

Extension keeps you informed on 2 things, current stock market price of a particular ticker, and the daily price change in percentages. To add companies to the top right corner drop down list, open up extension settings and add their stock market symbols. There’s a handy search tool that helps you out; you just need to know the company name. Small drawback with Stocks Display is that it has a 20 minutes delay in price refresh, so it isn’t exactly instant, but it’s still close enough.

Get Stocks Display.

Prisma Quotes

Prisma Quotes offers a lot of info about the companies whose stock market tickers you type into it. There’s the current stock value, price change in percentage points, daily gain in dollar amount, etc.

real time stock market info tracker extensions chrome 4

Prisma Qoutes has a very interesting feature. Refresh time is adjustable. It can go as low as 5 seconds, meaning you really will get real time stock price updates. Info about the stocks is collected from Bloomberg, Google Finance and Yahoo!.

Get Prisma Quotes.

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Stock Box

Stock Box updates stock prices every second, and it’s very easy to setup. Companies whose stock market status you’d like to track can be added to the list using the small find tool within the top right corner drop down window.
real time stock market info tracker extensions chrome 5

To tweak which info is showed and manage companies on the list, you will need to open up extension settings. Everything important for tweaking Stock Box can be find under the Display an Watchlist tabs.

Get Stock Box.


There’s three extensions that I liked from the list of real time stock market tracker extensions above, Stocks Display, Prisma Quotes and Stock Box. They worked great, so make sure to give them a try if you’re looking for real-time stock market updates.

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