5 Android Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn On Screen

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Here is a list of 5 Android Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn On Screen whenever new notifications arrive. These apps also serve as great Lockscreen replacements. While some of these apps allow you to customize the Lockscreen to your liking, others even allow you to configure the shortcuts that you want on your lockscreen. Not just that, you can even get other updates like weather, etc. right on your lockscreen. It might as well be helpful if you crave the Lockscreen notifications that come with Android Lollipop. You should scroll over now and check these apps out.

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1. SnapLock

Snaplock for Android

SnapLock for Android is one of the best free Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn On Screen. And while the app gives you a beautiful lockscreen as well, the main feature in focus, is its ability to turn on your screen when you receive a new notification. This can be extremely convenient since you will notice the notifications even when your Android device is kept on your desk. To enable it, you have to open SnapLock, and then go to Preferences to enable Notifications Brighten ScreenSnapLock also lets you add customized shortcuts to your lockscreen, and shows you the calendar entries and weather info as well! Go ahead to the Play Store and give SnapLock a try!

2. CM Locker

CM Locker for Android

CM Locker for Android is another great alternative to your default Lockscreen, which can help in getting your notifications conveniently. CM Locker is an app that also lets you add shortcuts and clear the running apps to free up the RAM on your phone easily. Not just that, there are already shortcuts for Flashlight and Calculator right on the homescreen. Configuring the app shortcuts is easy as well! Just don’t forget to enable the Brighten Screen option from the settings menu of the app, to turn on the screen whenever a notification arrives on your Android device. Go ahead, you can get CM Locker for free from the Play Store.

3. SlideLock Locker

SlideLock for Android

SlideLock Locker is another of the Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn On Screen of your Android device. SlideLock Locker is a highly customizable alternative to your default Android lockscreen that lets you tweak the appearance and behavior the way you want. The app’s main interface is material designed, and hence getting around the settings menu is extremely easy. The option which wakes up your device on receiving a new notification is On by default, but can be tweaked by opening the slide-out menu and selecting ‘Notifications’. My favorite part of the app is the main screen, because it displays all your recent notifications — pretty neat if you accidentally swipe away some notifications. SlideLock Locker is available for free on the Google Play Store

4. DynamicNotifications


DynamicNotifications is another app that you can try if you want your screen to turn on whenever a notification arrives on your phone. When the notification arrives, your screen will be unlocked and a big icon of the app with the notification will be shown. Just touch and hold on the app icon and drag it to go straight to your notifications (as is shown in the 2nd screenshot above). Oh, and you can also tweak the look and feel of the lockscreen by going into the app’s main interface! DynamicNotifications is available for free on the Google Play Store.

5. Echo Lockscreen

Echo Lockscreen

Echo Lockscreen for Android replaces your default lockscreen with something elegant. Echo Lockscreen also has the option that you are seeking — yes, it is among the select Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn On Screen. Echo also has a unique ‘Priority’ system (ring any bells, Android Lollipop users?) so that your notifications are grouped based on Priority. You can also customize the lockscreen to your liking, and swipe to dismiss, or tap to open the notifications. You should head over to the Google Play Store now and install it on your Google Android device.

This list of 5 Android Lockscreen Notification Apps that Turn on Screen is hereby complete. Know of other similar apps? Go ahead and mention the names in the comments section below.

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