5 Best Free Scrabble Game Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Scrabble Game Apps for Android. These games allow you to play the Scrabble board-game, which involves wordplay. Scrabble is one of the most popular board games around the world. It is a highly competitive game which pits you against an opponent. While it may seem as though the games featured here will all be multiplayer, I’ve got the Single Player option covered as well. So, be it Single Player, Online Multi-Player, or turn-based Multi-Player; you will get one app or another worth liking in the list below. So, scroll over and take a look now!

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1. Scrabble

Scrabble for Android

Scrabble for Android (by EA) is among the most downloaded free Scrabble games on the Android platform. The in-game interface is intuitive, and walks you through all the in-game options and rules right when you open Scrabble for the first time. There are several game modes to choose from, and you can play this free Scrabble game with your Facebook friends or offline in a turn-based fashion. And if that isn’t enough, you can opt for challenging random online players, or select Speed play, or even choose to play solo against the AI (vs the computer, that is). You should head over to the Play Store right now, and get Scrabble for free!

2. Words With Friends

Words with Friends for Android

Words with Friends is one of the most popular free Scrabble games on the Google Play Store. Words with Friends lets you play online or offline, as you wish. But the main focus of this app is towards online gameplay. You can match-up with random opponents online via the ‘Smart Match’ option, or you can add your Facebook account to challenge your friends. There is also a community play section within the game. Want to train yourself? Solo Play is the option you should probably opt for since it is offline. Oh, and how could I forget to mention that the main screen of the app also has a ‘Word of the Day’ section which gives you a word each day with the meaning. Words with Friends does have quite a few pop-up ads which normally come right after you play your move. Words with Friends is a polished game and is worth a try since it’s available for free!

3. Aworded (Apalabrados)

Aworded for Android

Another free Scrabble game for Android, is Aworded. It is a simple game with focus on Online play. You can choose the game language and there are two game modes which allow you to Play either in the Classic mode, which can have a response time of up to 7 days, or Fast Play which gives you just 5 minutes for making your move. And, you can also select the opponent — whether you would like to play against a random opponent, or a Facebook friend. The game board is also pretty simplistic, and has a few enhancements as well, which can be enabled or disabled. For example, you can see the remaining number of tiles, or choose to validate words automatically. Aworded is available on the Play Store for free. And, you can also read the review of this free Scrabble game over here.

4. Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo for Android is the simplest take on the genre of free Scrabble game apps for Android. The game only has a single mode to play — Single Player mode! Yes, there are no options for online multiplayer. As the name suggests, you can only play this game in solo, or single player mode even when offline. The game interface is simple to get ahold of as well. Classic Words Solo is a game for sharpening your skills before you take on your friends. Go on and get it for free from the Google Play Store!

5. Word Feud


Wordfeud earns its spot on this list thanks to its simplicity. The game has a simple interface and it lets you to a new game right from the start screen. You can choose between various modes of multiplayer like Facebook, Wordfeud friend, Contact, Random Opponent, or Find Player. The in-game settings let you tweak the behavior of the app as well. The main board is minimalistic as well, and you can choose to chart with your opponent too. The scores are listed on the bottom right corner so you can keep track as to who is ahead. Wordfeud is available for free on the Google Play Store.

So you have now reached the end of this list of 5 Best Free Scrabble Game Apps for Android. Hopefully, you shall find the perfect free Scrabble game for your Android from the above list. And you can always drop your comments right below if that’s not the case.

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