5 Best Free Spanish Dictionary Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Spanish Dictionary Apps for Android. These apps let you know the meaning of Spanish words in English from the convenience of your Android devices. Spanish is among the most spoken languages around the globe, and there are numerous people out there who would like to speak Spanish or strengthen their vocabulary. While some of these apps let you check the English Meaning of Spanish words online, others have an offline database and hence you can search even if you are not connected to the Internet. Still get keep getting stuck on some Spanish words? Go on with this list below and you won’t ever be!

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1. Spanish Dictionary (by BAPPI)

Spanish Dictionary by BAPPI

Spanish Dictionary app for Android is probably all that you’ll need if you are looking for a dictionary which can work reversibly — that is, to check the meaning of a word from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. The app has the option to add specific words to the Study Plan option and access later. You can also Play certain Quiz games by going to the third tab from left on the app’s main screen. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the word(s) that you search. Want to tweak the app even more? Head over to the Settings screen and you will be able to change several options. Spanish Dictionary app for Android is available for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Spanish Dictionary Offline (by Livio)

Spanish Dictionary Offline by Livio

Spanish Dictionary Offline by Livio is another simple option worth taking a look at. Open up the app and you will be greeted with a simple screen. Here on the top will be the search icon for searching. Just tap on the search icon and search for whichever Spanish word you want to know the meaning of. On the meaning results screen, you will also see the Play button. This will enable text to speech so that you will be able to know the pronunciation of everything Spanish on the screen. You can share words, add bookmarks to different words that you search for. The app gets the meanings from Wictionary, and is available for free on Google Play Store.

3. Spanish English Dictionary (by Ascendo Inc.)

Spanish English Dictionary by Ascendo

Spanish English Dictionary by Ascendo Inc. is an app with some unique features up its sleeve. It’s more than just a dictionary app, and can in some ways also help in elementary learning of the language. When you open the app, you will see a simple list with search button up top. You can search for words directly and interchangeably. But slide out the left sidebar drawer, and you will see the real gem of a feature – Phrases! I found this section to be of great help if one would like to learn the basic phrases of Spanish belonging to different activities throughout the day. This Spanish Dictionary app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

4. Spanish-English offline dict. (by DIC-o)

Spanish-English offline dict

Spanish English Offline Dictionary is, as can be understood by the name, a bare-bones Spanish Dictionary app which has an offline database. Here, on app launch, you will see that the list is there with all the words. Even the meanings are listed alongside the word(s). You can search directly from the screen, and copy the words searched-for and/or the meanings. On the right of the search bar, you will also find a small icon which can be used to interchange between Spanish or English word-search. This free Spanish Dictionary app has no other features or options whatsoever and you can tweak a few options from under the settings menu. Go on to the Play Store and give it try.

5. English Spanish Dictionary

English Spanish Dictionary

And it’s time now for another minimalistic option — English Spanish Dictionary. This app is another example of how simply certain apps can perform what is expected of them. There are no extra bells or whistles in this one, and you will see the list of all the words when you launch it. A search bar on top and the option to switch the translation mode complete the main screen interface. On the meaning-screen for a word, you will also find examples (if any), but I couldn’t find this for any of the words that I looked for. The app is easy to use, and can be installed for free from the Play Store.

That’s it guys, this list of 5 Best Free Spanish Dictionary Apps for Android hereby ends. You can suggest any other such functional apps in the comments section below!

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