TypeRacer: Free Online Car Race Game That Improves Typing Speed!

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Type racer is a free online browser based typing game. The game is exclusive if you talk about the genre, which is why the game claims to be the first online multi-player typing based game. The site’s players compete with each other with tiny cars that accelerates on the basis of their typing speed. The players type a short passage about 20 to 100 words long. You have to be accurate with the spelling, the punctuation, lower case and upper case. Unless the last word is written correctly, you cannot move on with typing the next word.

In this typing game, you compete with other online players, and all are shown the same passage. You can compete with random players that the game chooses, or you can also compete with your friends. This gives you a good idea about how your racing speed compares to others.


You can also describe the game as an online application that has been solely designed to improve the typing speed. An online application that has been creatively portrayed into a type of game to entertain and educate the users at the same time. The typing speed is decided in words per minute.

The TypeRacer has taken certain measures to restrict the robots, like if a person scores above 120 WPM then he/she has to do 2 races in a row.

You can also try this free PC software to improve the typing speed.

About TypeRacer

TypeRacer is multi-player that was launched in year 2008. It is basically a multi-player race, but there are three modes of race.

  • Enter A typing Race: In this mode of the game, you race with other online players (may or may not be more than one). The number of players is anonymously chosen by the game. The interface is the same, tiny cars moving to the finish point. The car accelerates based on the player’s typing speed. The paragraph to be written is displayed at the top. You will have complete the race before the time gets over.

    TypingRace Race online

  • Practice: This is the second mode of the game, where you are racing either alone or with the AI. The computer will be referred to as the ghost player by game interface. You can also add some competitors if you want it to give a real feel, but that will not be considered as genuine race.

    Practice Race Track

  • Invite your Friends: Third mode of the game where you can send an invite to your friend to join in the game. Once your friend sign up to the site, he/she is connected to you online and you two will be ready to start the race.

    Send an invite

The final scores are displayed after the race ends or the finishes (whatever happens first).
Apart from the above game modes, TypeRacer has few more features like:

Instant Death: You can switch on this by clicking on the “More options” and selecting the Instant Death. Once you switch this on, you will be considered crashed once you do a typing mistake. You can enable this in any of the modes mentioned above.

You can also select  the style of the sentences appearing at the top between “show a line” and show the “entire paragraph”.

How to Play the Game

Like I mentioned earlier, you need to help your tiny car appearing to reach the finish line, before anyone else does. The time limit is provided anonymously depending upon the number of racers and the type of the paragraph you need to type.

TypeRacers Game On

Once you enter the race, you will have to wait to connect to other player. Once you are connected to the player(s), countdown to starting the race begins and as the light goes Green your race starts.

You will have to type fast as well as correct. However if you do a typo, you will have to correct it otherwise you will not be able to write further (or Die if you are playing in the instant death mode).

TypeRacer Scoreboard

That’s all to the game. You can also save your scores by creating a free account with the game. If you will play the game often, I recommend you do that. It comes with a premium account as well, for about $1 a month, which offers features like customized avatar, download scores in csv, send messages to other users, etc.

My Verdict

I would summarize TypeRacer as a simple and intuitive game that specifically aims at improving the computer typing speed of the user. The better your typing speed is, the earlier you will finish the race. Therefore, pull out your keyboard, oil your fingers, and hit the keys.

Play TypeRacer free online here.

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