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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is free typing practice software that helps you learn to type by touch. Typing is such an important skill these days. You need to be able to type to work in almost any job, to socialize, and to play. Computers are such a large part of our everyday life that typing skills are necessary. Speed typing comes with practice, and this free typing tutor will help you develop your ability to type at a quicker rate.

The typing software begins to teach by starting with the home keys. These are where you will learn to rest your fingers while typing. You will always start with the home keys, and these will be the base from which you find the other keys by touch. After you learn those basic steps, it goes into capitalization, numbers, and punctuation.

It has lots of practice lessons so you can get a lot of experience typing up different types of documents. These tests are to help you learn the keys. There are also tests that will increase you speed, because they will be timed. In both instances you will be told how many errors you made at the end of the test.


This free typing practice software is very easy and fun to use. You just download the free software from the website, and follow the easy instructions of the built-in install wizard. Once the program is installed you will take a starter skills test and then the program will customize lessons for you.

You can use this software to teach yourself or your children how to type from their very own computer. You can use the basic skills you learn with this software for the rest of your life. Your children will benefit from being able to type up papers faster and with fewer mistakes. They will get good grades and all for free lessons!

Also check out other freeware to increase typing speed, like, Stamina Typing tutor and Rapid Typing tutor.

Schools can use the software in classrooms to teach typing as a class or part of their courses. Employers can use this software to test the skills of potential hires. There are so many different reasons to learn to type. On lots of applications they will ask you what your WPM is. With this software you will be able to accurately give this information. It is compatible with Windows 7 XP, and Vista.

This free typing tutor software comes with lots of great features:

  • Graduated lessons
  • Starter skills test
  • Practice drills and exercises
  • Keyboard highlighting
  • Calculate WPM (words per minute)
  • Wizard guide for typing lessons
  • Save your typing tests

Download Keyblaze Typing Tutor free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 3]
Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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