Libox: Sync Photos, Music, Videos across Multiple Computers

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Libox is a free media sharing service, that enables the user to share media, and files with friends and relatives online for free. The user will be able to share hi-definition videos, audio, photos, albums, music by adding them all to Libox and all of these are made available on any device almost instantly. Libox also lets you to keep your media in sync across multiple computers, and multiple devices.

And here is the part that surprises me most about Libor:

Libox is completely free, and does not have any limitation on file size, or storage space!

Before I go further, I want to talk about this. I am thoroughly surprised that an amazing service like Libox is available for free without any limitations. So, I tried searching to see why is this service free, and found this from Libox blog:

How can you keep LIBOX free?

Erez – This is the one question that people always seem to ask when I first start telling them about LIBOX- so how much does it cost?  LIBOX is free and it will always be free because that’s the way it should be.  Our reasoning is as simple as that.

We’re not a cloud storage solution, so from the start, we have very low costs in terms of storing data.  And, our plan is to build a sustainable revenue sharing model with media and content service providers.

The bottom line is that LIBOX is free and will always be free.

Wikipedia offers some more details that why Libox can afford to be free:

The distributed LIBOX platform effectively creates private clouds that communicate between devices and Web browsers through a combination of algorithms, grids and peer-to-peer networking technologies. Files are not uploaded to an external server but streamed straight from the computer of the user that holds the file. The mixture of technologies allows LIBOX to never limit how much media can be added to the platform, while keeping the service free for users.

Above answers do partially answer the question about Libox being free, but I do hope some more clarification was available to satisfy my curiosity. I’ll move on for time being :). Do note that Libox does not stores online, and all your media is stored on your devices only. Also, let me also mention about Wuala, that provides a ton of free online storage space.


How to Use Libox:

In order to use the Libox service, the user has to register himself with the e-mail ID. Additionally the user can also connect with the help of Facebook just by typing in the username and password and selecting to connect. Once the user registers and connects himself, a simple click on ‘Install Libox Desktop’ installs the application. An active internet connection is required to use this service.

Libox does not alter the file in any way. It shares the files just as such and this is important when media files are shared. No compression, decoding or file format change is done to the original files. The user has to just load the files on to Libox, sync, share and play them . The user can also invite people to view and enjoy his files. This ensures a high level of security and privacy.

With Libox the user can:

Import media from and External Device:

The user can connect any of his Digital media device and Libox automatically identifies it. Libox also does the job of importing all the media files after eliminating the duplicates. Even CD/DVDs can be identified by Libox as new devices.

Managing media Library :

The user can effortlessly manage the music and photo albums that are shared on Libox. Clicking on Photos , Music and Events tabs will take the user to corresponding screens where the user can organize and manage the files that he has uploaded. Sorting and grouping the media files and categorizing them all can be dine with the list of options and features available. Also check out free online music storage websites.

Sharing files:

The user can create a group of people, whom he wants the media to be shared with. The user can do this by adding new groups and members into each group. A simple click on the Share option will send the files across to the intended recipients.

Syncing and Remote Access:

The media on Libox can be synced with a number of devices. The user has to install Libox on each of those devices and Libox automatically syncs the media. The media file can be accessed from any device when synced.

The files on Libox can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any device once there is an internet connection. The user has to login and he gets automatically redirected to the web interface where he can play and enjoy the media files. For other type of documents, you can try ElephantDrive, or Mozy.

All these features make Libox a unique file sharing service.

Download Libox free.

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