How To Make Your Own Flappy Bird Game

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This tutorial explains how to make your own Flappy Bird game.

Almost all of us know about that very popular side scrolling ‘Flappy Bird’ game, and its alternatives, that included retro style graphics. However, those who want to play that game with their own background, audio clips, ground, bird, etc., here is a good website named as ‘Flappy Creator‘.

Using this website, you can make your own Flappy Bird game in a couple of minutes. Just three simple steps and your personal Flappy Bird parody game will be in front of you. You can play it as well as share it with your friends to show the creativity. Below you can see my Flappy Bird parody game created using this website.

make your own Flappy Bird game

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How To Make Your Own Flappy Bird Game using This Free Flappy Creator Website?

Making your own Flappy Bird game using this website is a very simple task. You don’t have to worry about programming and other technical stuff. Follow these steps and make your own Flappy Bird game:

Step 1: Use the link added at the end of this tutorial to open the homepage of this website. After opening its homepage, scroll down the webpage to access the very first step. This step is very easy in which you have to enter your game title, game instruction, and author name (if you want).

enter your game info

Step 2: This is one of the crucial step in which you need to add images for your game with correct pixels. You can use jpeg, png, or jpg images.

  • For Bird, you need to select 108*26 pixels image.
  • For tube 1 and 2, 52*320 pixels images are supported.
  • For Ground, 336*112 pixels image is required, and
  • For Background, your image must have 288*384 pixels. To match all these dimensions, you can use some image editor software.

add game pictures

Preview of every single image will also be visible to you.

Step 3: This is the last step that is used to choose custom Game sound. You can use your favorite audio clips to replace Collision audio, Point Scored, and Flap Wing audio.

game audio

When you have added all the audio clips, tap on Create button. After this, all the added images and sound clips will be uploaded to prepare your own Flappy Bird game. After processing all the items, your game will be in front of you.

play the game

You can start playing the game and can also share the URL of game with anyone you want.


Flappy Creator is indeed a very interesting website to make your own Flappy Bird game. It is really fun using this website. You need to select some good audio clips, images to match background, bird, etc., and that’s it!

Try Flappy Creator for free.

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