Browse And Manage Your Folders By Zooming In&Out: Eagle Mode

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Eagle Mode is a free futuristic user interface for Linux, Windows, BSD, Mac and Solaris OS which has a very unique way of how you can interact with the computer, by zooming in and out of various different applications that are available inside it.

Windowed and fullscreen modes are available, together with a file manager, file viewer and media player for a large number of file formats. You also get games, archive compression and decompression and various other small tools and applications.

This is how it looks like when you are zoomed in on the home folder in Eagle Mode.

Eagle Mode default window

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Various different controls are available at the top, for organizing documents and folders, but also for creating new folders, moving and copying files. Each one of those squares is a directory, double clicking on it will open up that location inside the command prompt.

Eagle Mode zoomed out

When Eagle Mode is zoomed out, this is how it’s gonna look like. Remember that we said that you move between various different components of this free cross platform file manager by zooming in and out of them. Background that you’re gonna see is a photo of deep space, so when you’re using Eagle Mode you get the feeling of going through space when switching between files and folders. Key features of this free user interface are:

  • Small and lightweight – it’s just 10MB in size but has a lot to offer
  • File management – access and manage files and folders on your computer
  • Built-in document viewer and media player – open files and play media
  • Games – offers several games – Chess, Mines, Netwalk, Clock
  • Unique interface – browse your computer by zooming in and out of it
  • Cross platform – work on Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, BSD

How to browse your computer and manage your files with Eagle Mode

The only thing that you need to do in order to view files is that you keep zooming in on the folder where they are stored. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in, the same thing that you’d use when zooming in on an image.

Eagle Mode zoomed in on image

Instead of clicking through large folder hierarchies, you just zoom in through them. Same thing goes for documents and all the other files. To manage them you just need to mark them with left click, and select one of the options from the controls above.

Eagle Mode playing chess

Games can be open up from the menu above, or you can again zoom out and zoom in on that particular game inside the Eagle Mode universe. On the image above we’re playing chess.


Unusual would definitely be the word that best describes what Eagle Mode has to offer. Managing files this way can save you time actually, once that you get used to it. Folders and files no longer have to be accessed by clicking through a large number of folders, but simply zoomed in using your mouse scroll wheel. Files are opened right away, if you’re bored there are games, give it a try and see how it goes.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, BSD
Free/Paid: Free

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