5 Free Software To Get Windows 8 Look On Windows 7

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Here, are 5 free software to get Windows 8 look on Windows 7. Windows 8 comes with a metro user interface, where stuff is organized in a systematic manner, so it looks good. With the help of these software, you can easily transform your Windows 7 user-interface and make it look like Windows 8.

If you are bored of viewing and working continuously on Windows 7 user interface, and if you are looking for change, then it’s worth trying out these powerful software to get Windows 8 look on Windows 7. Try for free and get Windows 8 look on Windows 7.


Mosaic is a free software to get Windows 8 look on Windows 7 computer effortlessly. This free software transforms your Windows 7 OS and gives it a complete look of Windows 8 metro interface. This software helps you to take care of tasks like image viewing, text editing, Reading RSS feeds. You can even create a back-up of files and can directly access Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and other stuff. Mosaic even allows you to pin your favorites websites or applications to the Mosaic screen. It even offer widgets like sticky notes, calendar, etc. Get the complete feel of Windows 8 metro user interface using Mosaic on your Windows 7 computer.

Read more about Mosaic or try it here.


Newgen is another free software to get Windows 8 metro user interface on Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers. Newgen is a complete set of live widgets which brings out a part of content from your computer as well as from web. You will find limited numbers of widgets within Newgen, however it makes your Windows 7 interface look like Windows 8 metro user interface. This free software even lets you customize the Windows 8 start screen with the help of settings menu options. It even makes it possible to bring up user’s favorite apps in just a single click. You can even watch videos, play music, and view images without opening them. Try Newgen for free.

Read more about Newgen or try it here. Don’t forget to check out our post on complete guide to Metro UI of Windows 8.

Windows 8 UX Pack


Windows 8 UX pack is a specially designed for Windows 7 to give it complete Windows 8 look. This free software basically skins your Windows 8 computer and makes it look similar to Windows 8. Unlike other such kind of software available across the web, this software does not modify or change system files for giving the look. The start screen interface that appears after installing this software include few tiles like desktop, videos, pictures, Window media player, weather, etc. It even displays a Windows 8 charms bar that appears when you click the top-right corner of the screen. Get Windows 8 look and some of it’s functionality using Windows 8 UX Pack.

Read more about Windows 8 UX Pack or try it here.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack


Windows 8 Transformation Pack, from the name itself it’s very clear that this is a free software to get Windows 8 look on Windows 7. If you don’t want to try Windows 8, then  it’s worth trying out this software in order to get that feel of Windows 8 user interface right there on your Windows 7 computer. In this way you can taste Windows 8 without installing it on your machine. This free software gives a complete feel of Windows 8 Release Preview with  new themes, toolbar buttons which are redesigned, fonts and mouse cursors, etc. If you want to experience Windows 8 interface, but not ready to install Windows 8, then I would suggest you to use windows 8 Transformation Pack.

Read more about Windows 8 Transformation Pack or try it here.



Pulmon is a free tool which offers several windows 8 feature and gives a Windows 8 look to your Windows 7 computer. This free tool basically arranges few of your windows 7 program as tiles. Tiles are displayed just like they are displayed in Windows 8. You will find tiles for control panel, Internet Explorer, notepad, etc. Click on these tiles in order to access respective programs. You can even move around these tiles anywhere on your screen. Pulmon transforms your Windows 7 UI to Windows 8 Metro UI. Download Pulmon for free.

Read more about Pulmon or try it here.

All these software give you a good experience of Windows 8, while still retaining the functionality of Windows 7. This will help you in deciding whether you want to switch to Windows 8 or not. And once you decide to jump, you can move over to our Windows 8 Freeware website to get some cool free software of Windows 8.

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