Free Personal Finance Software: Rylstim Budget Lite

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Rylstim Budget Lite is a free personal finance software which you can use in order to manage and keep track of your money. Every transaction that you make during each month can be easily planned and any unexpected expenditure recorded inside the monthly budget plan. That way you can both create monthly budgets and keep track of where exactly your money went during the month.

Rylstim Budget Lite default window

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Interface of this Rylstim Budget Lite can be seen on the image above. Calender with the help of which you’re gonna be creating monthly financial plans can be seen on the right. Accounts, monthly transaction charts and the account status can be seen in the left sidebar. Standard menu under which there’s a quick access toolbar can be seen in the top left corner of the screen. Key features of this free personal money management software are:

  • Free with a simple to use interface – easy to understand work flow
  • Monthly budgeting – create plans and keep track of money transactions
  • Add unlimited number of transactions – there’s no limits
  • Expense and income categories – group transactions according to type
  • Expenditure statistics and monthly charts – transaction reports
  • Shopping lists, calculator and search tool for finding transactions

Keeping personal finance in order isn’t an easy thing these days. There always seems to be some kind of unexpected expenses that are lurking behind the corner. Sometimes it’s our fault though, our inability to restrain ourself when we’re out with friends or when various different “must have” items hit the shelves. Budgeting can somewhat help you manage your money, because you get to see how much you’ve spent, instead of just sliding your credit card and not knowing how much is left in the bank account. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to manage personal finance and keep track of expenses with Rylstim Budget Lite

Free version of this free personal money management software is limited to one bank account and one cash account, which is more than enough for personal use. First thing that you need to do is add the initial balance status.

Rylstim Budget Lite added transaction

Click on the New transaction button from the toolbar, the one with green plus and fill out the New transaction details. Set Type to Income and then category to Startup. Enter the amount, Origin account, where you received the money, and click OK.

Rylstim Budget Lite working transactions

Do this for every transactions, right click on calender dates, select New transaction. Write down every expense, for every day of the month and try to stick to the schedule. Write down every new expense that you had, and at the end of the month, select the View all transactions button to see on what you’ve spent you’re money, and where can you cut in order to get out of debt.


Rylstim Budget Lite is one of the best personal finance management utilities that we’ve tested. With the help of the built-in calender you can easily keep track of all the monthly transactions, have everything easily accessible and create helpful budget plans. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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